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Terms of Use

The images on the Visit Newport Beach group sales photography and video website (“media library”) may be used only to promote tourism and events in Newport Beach. The Images are licensed on a non-exclusive basis and are intended for NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, for the PROMOTION OF NEWPORT BEACH. You agree to cease use of any Images immediately upon notification by VNB that your use of the images or videos violates the terms of this license as set forth.

Footage may not be sold, given to another party, or used in any product being sold. Credit must be given to Visit Newport Beach as noted. By accessing these images and videos you agree to these terms of use.

Digital Asset Usage Guidelines

Our digital assets may be used for the following purposes:

1. Sales and marketing campaigns promoting travel to, and within Newport Beach and Orange County, including tactics such as advertising in the form of newspaper, magazine, online, tradeshow and outdoor, print materials, travel professional destination brochures, websites for Newport Beach and Orange County conferences, as well as blogs and websites.
2. Editorial coverage by travel and trade media.

Our digital assets may not be used for:

1. Any commercial purposes outside of tourism promotion.
2. Commercial advertising of non-tourism products, including advertising supplements within newspaper and real estate materials.
3. Placement on souvenirs, commemorative books, guidebooks, DVD’s or other consumer goods, such as clothing for retail or resale.
4. As fundraisers for causes, charitable organizations or political organizations.
5. Any way that is deceptive, misleading, defamatory, and discriminatory or reflects negatively on Visit Newport Beach.

Our digital assets may be used by:

1. Travel and trade media.
2. Meeting professionals who are working with Visit Newport Beach towards selecting or promoting Newport Beach and Orange County as their next meeting or convention destination.
3. Travel professionals who are working with Visit Newport Beach and are promoting Newport Beach and Orange County as a leisure destination in their campaigns and initiatives.
4. Member businesses of Visit Newport Beach.
5. Governmental bodies engaged in tourism promotional activities.

Use of Visit Newport Beach’s digital assets requires:
Credit to the source of ‘Visit Newport Beach’.

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