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Crystal Cove Historic District

  • Crystal Cove Historic District
  • Crystal Cove Historic District
  • Crystal Cove Historic District
  • Crystal Cove Historic District
Group Dining

THE BEACH PROMENADE (Seated: 150 | Reception: 200)

An accessible beach front promenade situated alongside the crashing surf and warm sand. If sunsets and salt air fill your sails, this is the  place for you!

THE BEACHES COTTAGE #13 (Seated: 50 | Reception: 80)

Gorgeous ocean panoramas and unparallel views of Catalina Island make this charming location an ideal spot for intimate gatherings. This venue features an outdoor beach front space, a small indoor cottage room, private restroom, and relative privacy.

THE EDUCATIONAL COMMONS (Seated: 80 | Reception: 100)

An outdoor park-like setting located adjacent to the Los Trancos Creek,  in the heart of the Historic District, complete with ocean views, shade, and a private restroom.

CULTURAL CENTER DECK & COTTAGE #34 (Seated: 130 | Reception: 140)

A stunning bluff top wooden deck with brilliant ocean views and a small attached cottage. Enjoy the sunset with the crashing waves set below, includes two private restrooms. Special note: Curfew for music or DJ is allowed until 10:00pm. (Live bands are prohibited.)


A spectacular beach complete with clean sand, tide pools and amazing sunsets connects the Historic District to the Pacific Ocean. This site provides the perfect venue for a “toes in the sand” wedding ceremony or California beach party. Depending on tides, the beach can accommodate up to 100 guests, and is available only after Labor Day until the start of Memorial Day weekend.

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