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November 20, 2017

Creating a Holiday Glow

Save face this season with a nourishing skincare regimen and makeup tips from a pro.

Holiday season is upon us, and you’ll want to put your best face forward at events like the annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, Newport Dunes Lighting of the Bay, and many other festivities happening around the Harbor. And when it comes to putting your best face forward, you are what you eat. While shimmer can enhance an already healthy complexion, it won’t fix dull, parched skin. That’s why it’s important to—pardon the pun—feed your face from the inside out, local experts say. Fortunately, in Newport Beach, we have access to fresh farmers’ and fish markets, as well as a host of healthy restaurants. In addition, a good skincare regimen is key. Brie Leach, local artist at Brie Does Makeup and founder of the Good Brows Club in Newport Beach, follows these steps in the winter—whether she’s primping herself, prepping models at a Dior runway show or making a bride picture-perfect on her special day.

First, Brie washes with a creamy cleanser (top pick: Amala Beauty’s jasmine hydrating cleanser) that doesn’t strip dry skin of excess moisture. (If skin is especially parched, you can also apply an all-natural face oil like LENUS No. 91) Next, Brie applies a face lotion mixed with Buddha Butter. (At night, before bed, use a light hand with LENUS’ No. 14 Wrinkle Cream—an earthy, rich cream whipped with calendula, orange and meadowfoam.) While Brie exfoliates only in the summer months with a homemade scrub, some skin types may need this throughout the winter as well. Maintaining your best complexion makes makeup application easier, which Brie breaks down here:

Let moisturizer soak into clean skin. Next, apply a natural primer under foundation if you want foundation to last. “If I am going out for only a few hours, I will skip this step,” Brie says. (Our picks: SILK Organic Evening Primrose Primer and Stila One Step Prime, found at Planet Beauty, Newport Beach.)

For a dewy look, mix foundation—find one that matches your skin tone and type—with an illuminating primer, like Stila One Step Illuminate (found at Neiman Marcus, Fashion Island). Next, use a concealer stick to brighten the under-eye area and hide blemishes. (Brie’s pick: Lavera concealer stick, at Whole Foods, Fashion Island.) If you’re going for a matte finish, skip the illuminator and apply a finishing powder after step four. To ace your base: If you find a foundation that’s the right consistency but doesn’t perfectly match your complexion, buy two shades and mix them together.

“Bronzer is a very misunderstood product,” says Brie, who uses this must-have to extend a summer tan and also through the winter to contour. Use it to make a large forehead appear smaller, to chisel chubby cheeks, or create a shadow down the neck. (Brie’s pick: W3ll People Bio Bronzer Stick.)

“Some don’t need blush since they have natural redness in the cheeks,” says Brie, but for those who do, she recommends a cool red shade, since “that’s the real color your cheeks turn when you blush.” (Our pick: Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments cream blush) Cream blush looks more natural than powder or gel, and should be sheer. Dust with a bit of tinted setting powder to hold it in place.

“This is a biggie, as your natural makeup application can go horribly wrong here,” Brie says. Start by using brow mascara in a lighter shade than you would normally when doing a nighttime look. “Blonde or taupe brow mascara can build on the hairs you have without adding any darkness,” Brie says. You can add a darker color and edit the shape afterward. “You’ll end up using a lot less of the darker pencil or powder than you would had you not first brushed them with the mascara.” (Brie’s pick: Jane Iredale’s PureBrow gel in Taupe, at Neiman Marcus, Fashion Island.)

Using a light hand, apply eyeliner just along the lash line, adding just a subtle hint of color. Next, apply one coat of mascara. For an even more natural look, apply at the base of lashes but not the tips. (Brie’s pick: Rodan + Fields Lash Boost.)

“If you’re blessed with full lips, a dab of cream blush works great under a clear matte balm,” Brie says. If you need to plump your pout with makeup, apply a nude lip liner followed by a powder-pink liner. “When drawn a little outside the line, this will make your lips appear fuller without making you look like you’re wearing a lot of makeup.” And, toss the gloss:
Sheer, moisturizing lip tint wins in the battle for subtlety, Brie says.

Written By: Ashley Breeding

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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