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Holiday Makeup Tips

December 22, 2014
  • Holiday Makeup Tips
  • Holiday Makeup Tips

’Tis the season of giving, loving — and lots of holiday soirees in Newport Beach. Perfecting that holiday look doesn’t end with your gold-beaded Nanette Lepore frock and satin party pumps though; shiny tresses and a fresh face to match are what make it complete. Here, makeup artist Jazmtn Combs of Blushington ( gifts us her favorite tips and tricks for a festive holiday beauty look.

IMG_2228What colors are hot for the holidays?
Golds and silvers are always great for a holiday look. Variations in red or burgundy on the lips are classic but especially perfect for this time of year. A creamy product that can be used on the lip and cheek is easy for touch ups and adds moisture during the dry season.

What’s your top pick of beauty products this season?
Anything that glows! I love a champagne or gold highlighter dabbed on the cheek bones to fake a dewy look when skin is drier. (Her pick: Becca’s liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal)

How does party makeup differ from that of a typical night on the town?
Sparkle is more widely accepted during the holiday party season — it’s seen as festive. Dust on a fine glitter over your shadow for a pretty twinkle. Girlaktik’s White Gold glitter is my favorite.

glamimageWhat is trendy for party eyes and lips?
Shine! For the eye, high-shine with a metallic finish is most popular with my clients. Just the right amount on the inner corner of the eye can open eyes up and make all the difference. (Her pick: Stila’s Foil Finish shadows.) Even a little reflective finish to the lips can be fun — Jouer lipstick in Julie and gloss in Mimosa are a nice combination.

How can I master the winged-liner look?
Never skip eye primer; it keeps everything in place during the holiday party fun. Sweep an illuminated, light-colored shadow over your lid from the lash line to the crease and buff it out to a sheer finish. Be sure to concentrate a bit more shadow on the inner corner. Line the top of your eyes with a gel liner and fine-tip angled brush. For a winged look, when you get the lines even, add a wing to the lines; it’s easier to get the wings even once the initial line is already done. This is a pretty simple look but the contrast of light shadow with dark liner creates a fresh and clean appearance with some iridescence. Finish with a couple coats of mascara — or even better, faux lashes. Those create a pretty doll-eye look on anyone.

Some tips on making eyes appear larger:
A light, flesh-toned or white liner applied to the inner bottom rim of the eye (the waterline) gives the illusion of larger eyes. A darker liner on the outer rim just three quarters of the way in also opens up the eye. For more subtle definition that is not overpowering, I prefer brown liner or even shadow to black liner. Too much darkness can close off the eyes.

How can I choose the best shadow for my eye color?
Those with dark or brown eyes can luckily wear just about any color — but when I really want the brown to pop, I use an emerald color. Hazel eyes can also wear just about any color but both hazel and green look great with warmer violets and burgundy; those compliment the yellow-green. My absolute favorite color on green eyes is rose gold. Blue eyes always look amazing in warm tones like coppers; that warm and cool contrast is so striking.

What’s the proper way to apply glamorous, long-lasting lipstick?
It depends on the color choice and desired look. Lip liner is essential for longer-lasting color and for a plumping effect when you want to overdraw the line a bit. For a more natural look, I pat lip color into the lip line so it doesn’t look so drawn on. Also, never underestimate what a lip brush can do: When using reds, it’s my tool of choice for a super precise painted-on finish.

What’s the trick to makeup that lasts through the last dance of the night?
Think about how much better clothes fit with the right undergarments — it’s the same with your face. Primers are the undergarments of makeup! Choosing the right skincare and primer for your skin, eyes, and lips will grant you less touchups and more longevity.

What’s a beauty don’t of holiday makeup?
Please don’t wear red and green makeup together! It is very hard to pull off and can turn tacky quickly. And don’t get too crazy with the glitter.

What is the rule of a balanced makeup look?
It’s pretty simple, actually: Pick one thing that you want to pop, and everything else should take a back seat. If the drama is in the application, like a smoky eye, then the lip shouldn’t be too fussy. If your drama is in the color like a fuchsia lip then you should go with a bare eye. If you’re comfortable with a full face of makeup and do a bold lip with a smoky eye, make sure you keep your smoky eye in neutral colors like browns and taupe.

What beauty items are essential — and will fit in my holiday evening clutch?
Your lip color and powder. That’s it. No one wants to be that girl at the holiday party pulling out a whole makeup kit.

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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