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February 4, 2015

While the sizzling sun, sand, and salt water of summer can damage hair, the environmental elements of winter — cool, dry air — can also leave it in need of serious repair. Exposure to indoor heating on nippier days calls for more frequent care. Fortunately, there are many treatments and tricks to keeping locks looking healthy and vibrant through the duller months. Here, some of Newport Beach’s top hair care experts reveal how to maintain “beach babe” texture and style year round.

For static and unruly flyaways, use a hair polish. Apply this light, shiny pomade after blow-drying to smooth hair. You don’t need a lot; a little goes a long way. For dry, brittle hair, use an Argan oil-infused mask (try the Hydrating Reconstructive Masque by Scott Fontana Collection) as often as you wash your hair. If your hair is finer, apply the product from mid-shaft through the ends, avoiding roots.
— Scott Fontana, Cristophe Newport Beach

Straight hair can fall flat in winter. Before blow-drying, spray hair with a primer (or leave-in conditioner) then apply a generous amount of mousse to fight dry static hair. After drying, run a light product like Kerastase Touch Perfection through the ends to calm and shape. For wavy hair, your best work is done overnight: Shampoo, add products like Bumble and Bumble Grooming Crème and Defrizz, and “push” into shape. Hair will look beautiful when you wake up in the morning, but you can add a bit of shine (try Bumble and Bumble Brillantine). Curly hair requires control and moisture on the ends to calm frizz and create shape. Apply Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Crème to wet hair; when it’s dry, work a dab of Brillantine or Kerastase Touch Perfection on the ends.
— Steve Hernandez, Vogue Salon Newport Beach

Keeping winter hair healthy is all about a great conditioning treatment. A nourishing, deep-conditioning treatment in the salon will change your hair completely. There are many to choose from that last three weeks to three months. My top pick is an oil-based and ammonia-free treatment in our L’Oreal Profesional color line: INOA has transformed my hair and my clients hair from damaged to stronger, longer, and shinier with regular use.
— Dominique Bonin, private hair stylist in Newport Beach

To protect from winter dryness, I recommend hydrating conditioning wraps, scalp treatments and hair gloss or semi-permanent color to enhance shine.
— Robin Dunivin, Pelican Hill Spa Director

Dry winter air can take all the fun out of hair. Hair powder is the answer — these can be kinder than damp or sticky products. Spray product at the roots — Kerastase V.I.P. Spray and Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dryspun are two of my favorites — while turning head upside down or flipping side to side. Massage product into roots and fluff.
— Steve Hernandez, Vogue Salon in Newport Beach

To keep follicles healthy and prevent hair loss, massage your scalp four or five times a day for a minute. To add volume and texture, wash hair only every other day and apply dry shampoo at roots in between washes (“Fresh Do Dry Shampoo from the Scott Fontana Collection is a must.”) Mist the ends of hair with some water and do your blow out. Curl it to add extra texture.
— Scott Fontana, Cristophe Newport Beach

Winter and split ends go hand in hand. Having hair trimmed every six to eight weeks will keep it looking healthy and smooth. (I also recommend having an intense hair mask treatment while you’re at the salon.)
— Ty Alexander, Ty Alexander Salon

Winter weather might interfere, but beach waves never go out of style. Achieving the look requires a set of tools in addition to smoothing products. A medium to large boar bristle or ceramic round brush and a ¾-inch round curling iron add life to fine, thin hair. Those with naturally medium wavy hair can get a smoother look by using a large round boar bristle brush, a flat iron, and 1-inch round iron. If you have thick curly hair, let it dry naturally. Apply a curling serum to smooth the cuticle and lock waves in. A round iron comes in handy if you wanted to manipulate the natural curl.
— Scott Fontana, Cristophe Newport Beach

To keep locks smooth and nourished in between salon visits, mix up a mask at home.
Combine coconut milk, olive or avocado oil or honey, and an essential oil. Comb the mixture through hair, and then cover your head with a plastic bag for 10-20 minutes to trap heat. This is a great scalp treatment for dry, itchy skin as well as great for hair. Lathering hair with a clarifying shampoo hair beforehand will open the shaft for a more intense moisturizing treatment.
— Dominique Bonin, private hair stylist in Newport Beach

Olive Oil is great for a dry scalp. Using a dropper, apply the oil to your entire scalp — or only in small sections where there is dryness. Brush your hair with a soft-bristle paddle brush 100 times. Afterward, Let the oil soak in for 10 minutes and then lather and rinse hair.
— Steve Hernandez, Vogue Salon Newport Beach

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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