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Welcome to “The Best of Newport Beach,” where your taste buds have the power to crown the culinary champions of our city! We’re thrilled to invite you to be the ultimate judges in our quest to discover Newport Beach’s finest offerings.

How It Works:
We will nominate 3 restaurants that are on our radar in the selected cuisine’s category. Then we will ask you, our amazing community members to submit your own nomination for who you think is the best using the below form by April 5th. Share a few words about why your selected dining spot deserves the accolade, and we will add it to the list.

The Voting:
Once all the nominations are in, we’ll compile a list of the top contenders, and it’ll be your turn to cast your vote for your finalist. From there, our panel of expert judges will conduct the ultimate taste test to determine the winner.

So grab your forks and get ready to indulge in the delicious diversity of Newport Beach’s culinary scene. Your vote matters, so let’s celebrate the magic of our favorite restaurants together!

Cuisine Category:
Our first cuisine category will be ‘Best Burger’ in Newport Beach! Voting closes on April 24th.

Vote for the Best Burger

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Burger aficionados, we have gathered your nominations and need you to select your favorite finalist for Best Burger in Newport Beach! It's time to dive fork-first into the most delectable decision of the year. Happy voting, burger buddies!


Please select your ONE top favorite out of the options below.*

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