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Assemblage- New Art Exhibition at Newport Beach

Assemblage- New Art Exhibition at Newport Beach

Los Angeles, a city of diverse cultures, has always been a melting pot where different identities and cultures converge. Y Manifesto, in collaboration with Gong Gallery, is delighted to present an art exhibition in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, titled “Assemblage – calm and act like you don’t notice anything.”

This exhibition aims to express and explore the organic fusion of diverse identities and regions through art. We welcome artists from various backgrounds, races, genders, religions, and nationalities to participate, using diverse forms of expression such as painting, sculpture, photography, and installation art. They will showcase their unique perspectives, reflecting their understanding and experiences of multiculturalism. Through the language of art, we seek to explore the connection between individual identity, cultural recognition, and regional integration, presenting a tapestry of multicultural coexistence in the city of Los Angeles.

Inspired by the philosophical concept of “assemblage” by Gilles Deleuze, we view this exhibition as a platform that is both a process and a result. Just like the elements in an assemblage, each artist contributes their unique individuality to the socio-cultural whole. They are not only components but also possess their own significance. The exhibition is a dynamic and evolving process, simulating the continuous emergence and disappearance of society. Deleuze believed that assemblage involves becoming and unbecoming, where the relationship between each artist or societal individual is not a simple 1+1=2 equation. It can be likened to a warrior, a sword, and a horse; putting them together is not a mere stacking of parts. A weapon (sword) left alone on the ground may be just a piece of metal, but in the hands of a warrior, it assumes the role of protecting the innocent. The various components of assemblage are not welded together; they form a complete and harmonious whole that can also be separated, with each retaining its own significance. Assemblage is ever-changing.

Our vision for this exhibition is to break down the barriers between identity and culture, to discuss the give-and-take between individuals and the city, and to facilitate communication and dialogue among different relationships. Each artist is an integral part of this collective, both giving and receiving. Their works interweave to create a platform for cross-cultural exchange, encouraging not only interaction among artists but also the exchange between the artists’ works and culture, as well as the observation of give-and-take between the audience and the artworks.

Through this exhibition, we hope to explore the understanding of cultural diversity and fusion among the talented artists active in this region. As the exhibition takes shape, it will reflect the richness and variability of multiculturalism. The interaction between the audience and the artists will imbue the entire experience with deeper meaning, allowing us all to witness the beautiful fusion of diverse identities and cultures in the city of Los Angeles.

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