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Experience A Hummingbird Summer at Roger’s Gardens

Experience A Hummingbird Summer at Roger’s Gardens

Celebrate the summer season by inviting hummingbirds into your garden.

Experience colorful hummingbirds feeding from over 40 feeders in our larger display garden. Try luring a hummingbird up close with one of our hand-held feeders.

Discover a vast selection of brightly colored nectar producing flowers, native plants, and unique feeders to support these important and fascinating pollinators.

Connect with us and learn everything you need to know to attract, enjoy and conserve our wonderful hummingbirds.

Schedule of Events:

Weekly Gardening Tips & Plant Feature: LIVE Streams on Facebook & Instagram Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am

Weekly “Hummingbird Plant of the Week” Feature: Every Thursday at 9:30 am on Facebook & Instagram

Experience a Hummingbird Summer! Tune in to discover our Hummingbird Summer featured plant of the week and best practices on how to maintain it with our expert Horticulturist, Sarah Smith. Our buyers have sourced a limited quantity of this special plant, so hurry in to get yours. Learn and grow with us by asking all your questions during the live stream.

In-Store Seminars:

Meet Hummingbird Experts from the National Audubon Society: Saturday, July 10 from 9 am-6 pm

Join the hummingbird and wildlife experts from our local Audubon Chapter as they answer all your questions, discuss the best plants for hummingbirds, pollinators and other wildlife, show hummingbird nests and provide valuable information to make you successful in creating your hummingbird garden.

Simple Steps to Creating a Hummingbird Friendly Garden with Sarah Smith: In-Person Seminar in our Amphitheater & Live Stream Saturday July 17, at 9 am

Join expert Horticulturist, Sarah Smith, as she demystifies the simple ways you can encourage and support more hummingbirds in your garden and our communities. She will feature some of the best plants for creating a hummingbird garden, and share the different types of hummingbird species, how to identify them and what hummingbirds need for their life cycles. Sarah will also show various hummingbird feeders and explain what makes each one different, the truth about the various nectars and hummingbird health, and how to properly maintain feeders. While you are here for this seminar, you will be entertained by the various hummingbirds feeding from the plants in our hummingbird garden and from over 30 feeders. Join us in-store or tune in remotely on Facebook or Instagram Live to learn and grow with us.

Catch Me If You Can: How to Take Photos of Hummingbirds with Steve Kaye Saturday, August 14 at 10 am

Have you ever wondered how photographers are able to get photos of Hummingbirds? Join professional photographer, Steve Kaye, as he presents how to take photos of perched and flying hummingbirds. Gain tips, tricks, and practical techniques that anyone can use. He will feature more than 120 photos as examples of what’s possible. You’ll enjoy this session, even if you have yet to own a camera, as there will be dozens of beautiful photos of hummingbirds to view. Bonus, you can use these techniques to take better, more memorable photos of anything. Seminar fee is $10 per person, and $5 of the fee will be donated to the Sea & Sage Audubon Society. Space is limited so make sure to reserve your seat here. 


Now – Sunday, August 29 from 9 am-6 pm daily


Roger’s Gardens

2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd., Corona del Mar, CA 92625



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