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‘Voxelated Vignettes’: a Gong Art Gallery Experience

‘Voxelated Vignettes’: a Gong Art Gallery Experience

Join us for ‘Voxelated Vignettes,’ an exhibition that dives into life’s intricate tapestry.

Through pixelated art, we explore memories, dreams, and laughter—capturing personal anecdotes and societal observations. These fragments mirror the complexities of human experience. The exhibition also delves into our digital selves, reflecting on how the virtual realm shapes our perception of reality. ‘Voxelated Vignettes’ doesn’t instruct; it invites contemplation and shared exploration. Discover the oddities and marvels of life with us.

Opening reception: Sep 2nd, 2023 

Time: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

Venue: Gong Gallery

Address: 2824 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA, 92663.

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*Complimentary Parking is Available during the reception on a First-Come, First-Served Basis

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