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A Thanksgiving Dinner One-Stop Shop

November 20, 2019

We all do Thanksgiving differently. Case in point: we can’t even agree on a single way to bake our star bird. Or anything, for that matter. Potatoes can be mashed, fried, stewed or thinly sliced and baked. Pecan pie can be served in lieu of pumpkin. Or—call us crazy—but even pumpkin crème brûlée is often invited to some tables. There is, however, one undisputed, universal truth: cooking Thanksgiving dinner is all about love. In other words, your heart’s gotta be in it. Otherwise, it’s best to pass the butane torch to someone else. Ideally, professionals. So, here are the local grocers and restaurants that provide a complete Thanksgiving feast that’ll quickly make you forgive yourself for not feeling like cooking this year. (Tip: check reheating times listed on their websites).

Bristol Farms

Orchestrating a fuss-free Thanksgiving dinner is as easy as pie. (Don’t worry, getting the pie is easy, too). Just hop onto Bristol Farms’ website and browse through the Thanksgiving options. Like your bird slow-roasted or smoked? They’ve got it both ways, plus a few other alternatives like honey-glazed ham, prime rib and a vegan roast roll. As far as the sides go, expect traditional offerings like mashed potatoes and stuffing, as well as shaved brussels sprouts and bacon with fresh leeks, garlic and Swiss cheese, all topped with Parmesan bread crumbs. But there’s so much more. Butternut squash risotto! Candied yams! Green bean almandine! Need we say more?

Whole Foods

You’ll find several iterations of the famous main dish—roasted, smoked and apple-brined smoked. You’ll also find maple-bourbon-glazed ham, prime rib and a vegan turkey stuffed with cubed sourdough bread and wild rice. The dish on the sides? Look forward to braised collard greens, creamed spinach and kale, green beans and more. The place also touts an assortment of pies that hit the sweet spot. A classic pumpkin pie? Check. (And check on the gluten-free version of that, too). Apple? Check. Vegan Apple? Pecan? Chocolate pecan? What about a spiced custard pie cloaked in fluffy whipped cream and candied ginger? Check on all of those—plus on a few more treats, all of which can be ordered online.


Keep your turkey day stress to the minimum by ordering your bird (jumbo or regular) online from this gourmet grocery store. Watching your sodium intake this year? There’s a low-sodium version available on the menu. Want to serve something out-of-the-box? Surprise your guests with two cornish game hens. Your main dish will come with a feast of traditional offerings—cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, as well as a gingered yam soufflé. If you’d like to order the sides individually, you can give Gelson’s a call or, better yet, schlep over to the store and take a look in person.

Five Crowns

Turkey steals the crown everywhere else, but at Five Crowns it’s the prime rib that’s a showstopper. With a recipe that goes back to 1938, Lawry’s (the empire under which Five Crowns operates), honking slabs of meat have been drawing hordes of carnivores for generations—and for good reason. Think: a crusty, well-seasoned exterior, a juicy, even interior and a totally game-changing, luxurious taste. Get it à la carte or with sides like mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed corn and spinach, Yorkshire pudding batter and creamed horseradish.

Written By: Mariam Makatsaria

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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