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Four Gardening Tips for Fall That Even Beginners Will Love

October 2, 2018

Now, if you’re a gardening pro, you probably already know that Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar is quite amazing. But, if you’re not a professional, let me ask you this: Have you ever walked into a garden center thinking you know what you exactly want or need, and instead you wander around aimlessly for what feels like hours, ultimately leaving empty-handed or with maybe, a plant that will inevitably die in a few days? Good, me neither.

However, let’s say someone was unsure about gardening, and where to even start, I learned at Roger’s Gardens that you really could and should ask for help. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and able to relate to all gardening levels. From expert to first-time plant owners, they are happy to help, just ask! Plus, their blog is a wealth of information. From articles to videos, they give useful advice for any experience level. If you’re in need of hands-on learning, they even offer seminars and classes regularly.

Here are four fall gardening tips I learned from their on-site horticulturist, the lovely Lynn Hillman, on my visit to Roger’s Gardens:

1. Work on Your Kitchen Garden. Vegetables, herbs, and berries can be grown in small areas. Growing your own food is the best way to know what’s actually in it. And since Roger’s Gardens has been organic for a decade and offers non-GMO fruits and vegetables, you’ll know you’re eating the good stuff. Fall is an excellent time to plant cool-season veggies like kale, carrots, spinach, and radish, to name a few.

2. Prep Your Garden. Prepare your plants for winter. Fall is the last fertilizing before winter for many plants such as roses. It is also when many plants need to be deadheaded (that’s not a band name, it’s an actual gardening technique, I asked). Lavender, grasses, herbs, and perennials should be pruned to prepare for winter, allowing them to rest and come back even better in the spring. And don’t think you need to be completely precise about it, watch this video and hack away, my friends.

Roger's Gardens

3. Plant. While fall is well known for being a time to harvest, it is also the best time of year for planting, due in large part to California’s mild climate. Plant California natives, perennials, and bulbs for a great surprise come spring.

Roger's Gardens

4. Don’t be Afraid to Kill a Few Plants: That’s right, according to Lynn, the best gardeners are those who have killed a few plants- because they have taken risks, tried things. You can’t be so afraid a plant might die that you don’t ever try.

Roger’s Gardens

BONUS: Roger’s Gardens guarantees their one-gallon or larger plants for an entire year. If it dies, just say a few kind words, have a moment of silence and bring it back for a replacement.

I know #4 isn’t specific to fall, but it’s so important for everyone to feel comfortable and excited about gardening because gardens bring beauty to our lives. OK, that line may have also come directly from Lynn, but it was too true not to share.

Are you ready to enjoy your fall gardening? Even if you’ve got a rocky history with keeping things green, you can head to Roger’s Garden for great products and judgment-free help.

written By: Laura TerKeurst

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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