Land in luxury this spring and experience the opulence of our seaside escape. Newport Beach is a sanctuary for the sophisticated traveler, boasting a collection of award-winning restaurants, renowned retail destinations, and a diverse portfolio of accommodations. From sky-high helicopter tours and private yacht rentals to sumptuous spa experiences and decadent dinners on the bay, you’re invited to live the suite life this season. So pack your bags and whisk away to a getaway in our West Coast paradise —where your stay is nothing short of extraordinary!

Welcome to Newport Beach, a coastal gem that epitomizes luxury, leisure, and laid-back sophistication. Nestled along 10 miles of picturesque shoreline, discover encompassing pristine beaches, a stunning yacht harbor and 10 distinct neighborhoods, each with their own unique culture, charm and history.

THE SUITE LIFE is calling

Following a sun-drenched day at sea, retreat to the refined comfort of one of our seaside hotels and resorts. From penthouse suites to spacious villas, cottages and bungalows, there are countless places to settle in and find solace.

CURATE your getaway

In Newport Beach, leisure and luxury go hand in hand. Soak up the sun on a private yacht, tee off at the stunning Pelican Hill Golf Club or soothe your senses with a restorative spa treatment. The opportunities for revelry and relaxation are endless.

EXPERIENCING the finer things

Newport Beach offers a taste of life’s most decadent pleasures. Whether you’re in search of exclusive wellness experiences, gourmet dining, recreational pursuits or a glamorous shopping spree, let these guides inspire your excursions.

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