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Common Types of Corporate Events to Host

July 8, 2022
Common Types of Corporate Events to Host

It’s often said that people spend more time with those they work with than they do their own family. If that’s truly the case, then the importance of corporate events cannot be overlooked. Whether your next event includes team-building, a product launch or is simply a means to bring employees together, you’ll find Newport Beach, California an ideal location. This chic, seaside community offers a wide range of activities, award-winning properties, miles of beaches and a glorious year-round climate. Additionally, the area boasts some of the most picturesque venues in Orange County and offers easy access into John Wayne Airport from most major US cities and Canada.

Hosting Board Meetings & Shareholder Meetings

Companies looking to host their annual, or even quarterly board or shareholder meetings have  an array of corporate event venues in Newport Beach to choose from. Most of these meetings may be spent behind closed doors in conversations about business performance, or discussing new products, services or strategies. Having a destination that can provide a relaxing ambiance as a counterbalance to those meetings is sure to be a pleasant experience.

Company Team Building Events

The benefits of team building activities are plentiful as they have the power to inspire leadership, encourage collaboration and break down barriers that may be hard to decipher or address in the work environment. Groups that combine a unique corporate event with activities for team building, find that they help foster clearer communication and trust within their staff. Team building can encourage a positive experience that continues into the work space long after the event concludes. While companies holding team building events in Newport Beach may find improvements in their team interactions and productivity, employees often develop a love for the area, given its plethora of outdoor activities and beautiful weather.


Southern California may be known primarily for its beaches, but the hiking trails are becoming almost as popular. In fact,hiking has quickly become a favorite activity with both locals and visitors. It’s no wonder, considering thenumber of diverse and beautiful trails in the area. From easy to moderate coastal hikes offering stunning vistas, to the more advanced steep, rugged terrain of local canyons, groups of all levels can enjoy a day of hiking in Newport Beach. The area offers several serene, peaceful trails to explore as a group, making it an ideal location for  employees to bond with their coworkers. Some favorite hiking trails in Newport Beach include Crystal Cove, El Morro, Buck Gully and the Back Bay Nature Preserve.

Water Activities

Given the miles of beaches, hidden coves and the fact that it has the largest recreational harbor on the west coast, a visit to Newport Beach wouldn’t be complete without participating in some water activities. The most relaxing activity is an electric boat excursion which quietly glides through the water and is ideal for a sunset cocktail cruise. More adventurous groups may want to try stand up paddle boarding or even surfing. Looking to get a full Southern California beach experience? Consider hosting a day of water activities followed by an evening clambake right on the beach!


While the beaches in Southern California are unparalleled, so, too, is the surrounding area, which plays host to world-renowned golf courses. Golf is one of the most popular corporate activities, largely because of its ability to promote relationship-building in a relaxed environment, giving coworkers the opportunity to chat and connect outside of work.

Corporate event planners will enjoy the ease of organizing golf events at one of the many stunning golf courses in Newport Beach. Perhaps one of the most impressive treats for event planners, companies and their employees is Pelican Hill’s 36-hole, Tom Fazio-designed course with its panoramic ocean views!

Company Milestones

Many companies host events to celebrate milestones in the company’s growth.  Achievements, anniversaries, the realization of long-term goals and the launch of a new product are good reasons to hold a corporate event.  Often, these events are organized to recognize those who contributed to the milestone, including clients, vendors, local community leaders and company employees. Meeting and event planners will find several properties in Newport Beach perfect for hosting corporate events celebrating company achievements.

Hosting Seminars and Conferences

While events recognizing company milestones are important, event managers know that business seminars and conferences are also a priority. Companies may hold a multi-hour seminar to a multi-day conference for a variety of reasons. Whether planning its future growth, or delivering new information to its internal team, using the event space at a hotel is convenient for attendees and event planners. Hold that seminar or conference in a Newport Beach property, and everyone will enjoy elevated service, a pleasant ambiance and first-class amenities.

Executive Retreats

Executive retreats may be more limited in scope than a full company event, yet they are extremely valuable to a company’s success. Executive retreats provide a time for leaders to begin early project planning, determine the direction of the company and engage in strategic business growth conversations. They may sound all business, but executive retreats typically incorporate some of the same enjoyable excursions as larger corporate events, such as hiking or water activities,

Planning A Corporate Event In Newport Beach

With all of the work that goes into organizing a corporate event, meeting and event planners considering Newport Beach as their next destination are in for a treat! The destination experts in Newport Beach can help ease the planning process with customized site visits, strong partnerships, planner promotions and reward programs for small businesses.

Newport Beach offers companies several award-winning hotels, unique event venues, ocean views, exciting activities and easy access from most major cities across the US and Canada. Combine that list with the valuable resources available to meeting planners, and companies are sure to have an unforgettable experience. Book your next corporate meeting or convention today in the slice of paradise along the Pacific Ocean known as Newport Beach.


What is an Event Planner?

An event planner, also known as a meeting or convention planner, coordinates all aspects of professional meetings and events. Event planners are involved in destination and hotel selection, activities, meetings, vendors, entertainment, and production.  Planners are largely responsible for the overall flow and success of an event.

What is Event Management?

Event management is a specific skill, much like project management. In event management, an expert uses their knowledge and skills to create and develop an event from its inception. The local destination experts at Visit Newport Beach have specialized knowledge and resources to help meeting and event planners with event management.

Is the John Wayne Airport In Santa Ana?

John Wayne Airport is located in Santa Ana, California. It is approximately 7 miles from most Newport Beach hotels, making its location ideal for visitors to Orange County. It was named in 1979 after actor John Wayne, who resided in Newport Beach.

What Airport Do You Fly into Orange County, CA?

John Wayne Airport is the only commercial airport in Orange County, and is the most convenient airport for those flying to Newport Beach and the surrounding area.

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As a not-for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), Visit Newport Beach provides destination expertise, customized site visits, strong partnerships and resources tailored specifically to the needs of meeting planners and their clients.

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