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What is Corporate Team Building

July 8, 2022
Corporate Team Building & Corporate Events | Newport Beach

You don’t have to be an athlete to know the adage, there is no “I” in team. We’ve all undoubtedly heard this phrase throughout our lives, whether in school or the workplace. Now, in today’s Zoom-driven world, where in-person connectivity has waned, it’s more important than ever for companies to come together. A great way to achieve that cohesiveness and strengthen team bonds is through corporate team building.

It’s no secret that just the mention of “team-building” can lead to eye-rolls with visions of trust falls and awkward fact-sharing exercises. However, team building is an important investment in a company’s team. When done effectively and creatively, team building has the power to boost productivity, encourage collaboration and foster creativity.

Corporate team building activities bring employees together to work toward a shared goal which in turn, benefits the overall culture within the company. In situations where a company has a remote team, team building can take place via Zoom with team members gathering online to play a virtual game. If employees are geographically close, they may get together in person for a fun activity like tug-of-war in the sand, or an obstacle course at the water’s edge.

Why are Corporate Team Building Events Important?

While the benefits of team building activities are many, the ultimate goal is to achieve a more successful and connected team. Companies may plan one or two activities a year. However, adding fun, interactive get togethers or quick recognition events throughout the year can reinforce the positive effects corporate team building has on employees. This, in turn, leads to an enjoyable company culture with a high moral. A committed and engaged staff often performs better thus boosting the company’s bottom line. Additionally, co-workers may form genuine friendships, fostering deeper relationships. 

Employee Engagement

Human resource studies show that when employees engage more with each other the benefits spread to nearly all areas of the business. For example, a more communicative, happy team is often more productive. Furthermore, team building events help build trust between employees and leadership, improving employee and management relationships and reducing staff turnover.

Potential Revenue Growth

As mentioned, a highly engaged team is a more successful and productive team. An increase in productivity can have positive ripple effects throughout the company, benefiting all. If employees are more engaged and productive, corporate teams can often take on more work. Thus the potential for revenue growth rises, either from expanding existing client relationships or bringing on new clients.

Work Culture & Morale

It’s been proven that a joyful, happy environment reduces stress and anxiety. Corporate team building events play a large part in creating that pleasant environment. Employees having a great time together leads to a positive culture and boosts morale. When job satisfaction is high and employees feel appreciated, retention is enhanced. A strong, enjoyable work culture impacts the overall reputation of the company. This is important, as it has the power to make or break a company enabling it to attract and retain top talent as it continues to grow and innovate.

The Benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities

The benefits of team building activities impact both employees and the overall company. Team building events have the power to bring people closer together. Not only do they strengthen bonds for existing company teams, they also build a bridge between various internal teams. This is especially important for multi-generational teams which may feel like they have a harder time connecting. Remote teams can also increase connectivity and reap the rewards of team building exercises through virtual games. An engaged, unified team is a highly productive team.

Communication Exercises

The importance of strong communication between members of a corporate team cannot be understated. A team that does not work well together is much less likely to be successful than one that works seamlessly. As such, corporate team building exercises that emphasize communication are a great way to develop speaking and listening skills among team members. When communication is intact, colleagues can easily work together toward a shared goal, just as they would in an office setting.

Leadership Skills

Just as important as communication, leadership skills are key to a company’s success. The most effective leaders operate on trust, loyalty, and open communication. Team building emphasizes these traits, particularly in activities that require problem solving skills such as escape rooms. Corporate team building can help current team leaders hone their skills, and help other team members discover a knack for leadership.

Creativity Projects

While many corporate team building exercises tend to incorporate physical activities, there are options that highlight creativity. These activities showcase the importance of thinking outside the box, and can be especially exciting for companies where employees may be sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time. Team building that taps creative thinking gives employees an opportunity to see a routine task through a completely different lens.

Problem Solving Activities

Team building events that encourage problem solving skills are quite popular as they require groups to work together to solve a challenge. Activities such as cardboard boat building introduce team members to new and exciting situations where they must find a solution. These problem solving activities translate well to real-life scenarios that employees may encounter in the workplace.

Strategies for Team Building Events

Once you’ve decided to hold a team building event, the fun of scheduling the activities can begin. Just like planning a meeting, you’ll want to consider all aspects of the activity, including purpose, expectations and capacity. Consider team building that all employees can participate in and those that benefit individuals as well as the company.

Goals and Purpose

When choosing your activity, start by defining the goal the company is looking to achieve with the event. What value will this team building exercise bring to the company? What benefits will employees gain from participating?  Is the company looking to solidify a new team, or to bridge a gap between teams? Perhaps the goal is to get teams working more collaboratively with leadership. It will be much easier to determine the activity once the goals and purpose have been defined.

Learn What Your Staff Enjoys Doing

Once you have the goals and purpose defined for your team building event, you’ll want to determine which activities most members of your team enjoy doing. If they sit in front of a computer most of the day, they may enjoy something that gets them outdoors, like a scavenger hunt. If their daily tasks tend to be repetitive, a problem-solving team activity, such as a murder mystery, may be a good option.

Mix Things Up

One of the goals of team building events is to bridge gaps between teams. To accomplish this, it’s important to create teams that don’t often work together in the office environment. Not only does this get employees out of their comfort zone, but it allows them to meet others within the company. Developing new relationships, across teams or even across generations is a key benefit of team building.

Adding a Competitive Element

While you may not want to pit team members against each other, adding a competitive element to the event can keep things fun and interesting. Team building activities like chili cook offs allow employees to work together, and incorporate an element of competition. Indoor team building events can use board games as a fun way to add some friendly rivalry between team members. A little healthy competition can go a long way to increasing engagement.

Organic Relationship Building

Of course, while being active and finding new challenges is fun for the team, including downtime for bonding is important. Having a balance between activities and relaxation allows team bonds to happen naturally. Hosting a happy hour is a good way to break up the event, or wind down afterwards. This is also a prime opportunity to recognize the achievements of team members by giving awards for their performance and contributions to the team.

Newport Beach a Year-Round Destination

When looking for the ideal location to host your next corporate event, consider Newport Beach. A top venue destination with plenty of indoor and outdoor space and a year-round, mild climate, Newport Beach is perfect for team building events. This seaside destination offers a variety of venues which can accommodate small to large groups for a couple hours, or an entire weekend. As you begin planning your next corporate event or team building activity, request a quote and get ready for an exceptional experience that only Newport Beach can deliver.

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