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Best Spots to Catch a Sunset in Newport Beach

May 15, 2018

The best thing about living in a beach city is that for the most part you can find yourself on the coast overlooking the ocean a majority of places you stop. Strolling through Lido Island along the docks or running the boardwalk that goes out into the sea at Balboa Pier. And when you find yourself along the coast at the perfect time you’ll see why once you’re here it feels like home.

One thing we always long for whether we are on vacation or long-time locals is a beautiful sunset. The incredible portrait slowly being created for us in the sky never ceases to amaze me no matter how long I have been here.

Sunset has a way of slowing down time and putting us in the moment again. Forcing us to look up and enjoy because as fast as it starts it ends. That’s why when you get a chance being in the right place at the right time is so important.

Off of PCH there is a community of houses along the edge of West Newport off Prospect street that line the beach and have a view that can stop time. Once parked you walk through classic beach houses that open up to one of the most beautiful beaches in my opinion. As well as one that seems to be forgotten which makes it the perfect romantic beach spot to enjoy a gorgeous sunset. The views are endless! You can stay right on the sand and enjoy as the sky slowly starts to dance through the colors for you, or you can venture down to right where the waves break and listen as the ocean welcomes you to the shore and see as the sun slowly takes its final bow across the horizon. This spot is perfect for a more secluded intimate sunset filled with beauty, charm, and a feeling of romance that lingers even after the sun has set.

Be it dancing to your favorite oldie but goodie in the car or rocking an outfit that never quits, keeping the child like abandon in life is a must. One place that is sure to bring out the biggest smiles and remind you how incredible it is just to let go and have fun is The Balboa Fun Zone in Balboa Village. Now although this may be a little less traditional than walking along the water it is one of the most fun ways to see an incredible sunset while taking a break from adulting and be a kid again. Along the pier on East Balboa is The Fun Zone. A stretch of the board walk filled with an Arcade with every game you can imagine, countless choices of some of the best decadent treats you could ever desire, and the main attraction the Ferris Wheel.  Situated right along the edge of the pier overlooking all of Newport Beach is a Rainbow-colored Ferris Wheel that is sure to be the most unexpected sunset view in the city. Grab yourself a ticket and enjoy as you begin your climb above the buildings overlooking Newport channel, Lido Island, and off into the sunset. It’s the perfect place to reconnect with your inner awesome kid and remind yourself that no matter what life is meant to be fun!

One of the more classic Beach Sunset spots is of course the Balboa Pier off Main St. on the Peninsula. With the perfect outstretched dock ending with the iconic Ruby’s Diner at the end it is one of the more traditional Sunset Locations. Whether you were out for a run or heading here for the night the pier is one of the best places to watch the sunset. Between the surfers catching breaks and gliding into shore, or the musicians serenading you as you walk out into the ocean, you are immersed in all the best aspects of living in Newport. Walk out and find a seat as the sun glides overheard and starts to illuminate the ocean below you. One of the coolest things about this spot is as the sun starts to set and a slight breeze picks up the birds seem to on cue soar overhead and glide in and out of view as if they were putting on a show for all to see.

For the more adventurous person Newport has a hidden treasure that not many people know about, and even fewer have actually been to. At the very tip of The Peninsula past the beautiful mansions that overlook the water is one of the most magical and exciting places to watch the sun set. It is The West Jetty! A stretch of beach that slowly starts to turn into a long runway of rocks and boulders one on top of the other allowing you to walk out, carefully, into the ocean and watch as the ocean waves break against the lower structure. From this point you can look to your left and see straight to Corona Del Mar state Beach and the boats passing through the jetties into the harbor.  And straight out and to your right is one of the most breathtaking views in all of Newport. unburdened by people, buildings, or boats this view is like no other. As you find the perfect place to stand or sit and see the sun begin to shine you feel as if this moment was designed just for you. Eyes locked on the ocean waves crashing below you and reflecting the blue and greens of the ocean mixed with the golden rays of the setting sun this spot is one that makes time stop. Brings you fully present in the moment and reminds you that this is your reality. That as you watch the Cotton Candy sky burst into a thousand shades of color and hear the ocean waves crash along the shore you remember that this place is either your home or has become your home away from home and is welcoming you into a night that you won’t want to forget.

Written By: Brandon Beltran

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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