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View Mother Nature’s Light Show in Newport Beach from Home

May 11, 2020
  • Photo Credit Mark Girardeau and Newport Coastal Adventure
  • Photo Credit Mark Girardeau and Newport Coastal Adventure
  • View Mother Nature’s Light Show in Newport Beach from Home
  • View Mother Nature’s Light Show in Newport Beach from Home

The magic of bioluminescence that turned our shores neon blue has now swept much of Southern California, but first started showing up in Newport Beach on April 15th. The red tide that is seen by day, turns the water electric blue by night.

What causes the sensational show? According to the OC Register, “During the day, the photosynthetic organisms swim upward toward the light, creating a thin, dense [red] layer near the surface. Then Bioluminescent dinoflagellates, when disturbed by waves or maybe a passing boat, make the water look bright blue.”

The rare phenomenon (now decipating) stayed in Newport Beach for about a month and turned out to be one of the strongest in a decade. Lucky for us, socially-distancing spectators captured a variety of incredible photos and videos and we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites here so you can view them at home.

Glow-in-the-Dark Dolphins That Went Viral

Watch a pod of dolphins light up the coast of Newport Beach as they glide through the water. Captain Ryan at Newport Coastal Adventure was able to capture the dazzling footage on one of their high speed rafts, the Zodiac!

Credit: @patrickc_la | @newportcoastaladventure

Skimboarding the Bio

Watch local skimboarder Blair Conklin, ride the Newport shore as bioluminescent waves crash around him.

Credit: @skyrar | @blairconklin

The Video That Started It All

The first sighting of bioluminescent waves in Newport Beach this year! The big, neon blue waves will make you say, “Woah!” even from home.

Credit: @patrickc_la

This Couple’s Nightly Date 

This couple danced and drew a bioluminescent heart in the sand! ❤  

Credit: @Stangersabroad

Donut Drone Shot

A different angle to the bioluminescence. Captain Alexander Shaw of Newport Coastal Adventure did donuts in the water to create a circle of electric blue!

Credit: @orangecountyoutdoors

Cannon Ball Into The Great (Neon) Blue

Probably the most memorable cannon ball you’ll ever have.

Credit: @visualburrito | @patrickc_la

Neon Paddleboarding

Imagine wafting through neon blue water as you go for a midnight paddle in Newport Harbor!

Credit: @danielpeckham | @johnmattthewfox

Bellyflop The Bio

Come on in the water’s fine.

Credit: @markgirardeau | @patrickc_la

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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