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September 7, 2023

Welcome To The Newport Beach Vacation Club

This way, please

This way, please

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA (September 7, 2023) – Congratulations and a most distinguished welcome to the Newport Beach Vacation Club! If you are reading this bulletin than you hold platinum level status with a lifetime membership to the Newport Beach Vacation Club.

You are hereby bestowed unfettered year-round entry into the meticulously manicured 52.92-square-mile grounds of Newport Beach, California. Your platinum-level distinction gives you full access to a plethora of amenities reserved exclusively for members of your esteemed caliber. These include luxurious hotels and resorts, pristine beaches, a majestic yacht harbor, spectacular shopping, exclusive activities, charming neighborhoods, signature events, and a culinary journey spanning over 400 exceptional restaurants.

As a newly minted member, unlock a world of privilege with our exclusive offers from our world-renowned tourism partners across the grounds. Of course, perks for members’ friends and family do apply!

Throughout your membership tenure, we trust Newport Beach Vacation Club gives you unparalleled hospitality and service with a lifetime of memories that bring you back to the club year-after-year.

What’s New at Newport Beach Vacation Club

In response to resounding requests for stylish attire suitable for social gatherings, courtside sports, and nautical adventures, the Newport Beach Vacation Club is overjoyed to introduce our first-ever merchandise collection. The merchandise prominently adorns the club crest which symbolizes the essence of the pursuit of leisure. Prepare to make an indelible impression in style during your upcoming visits. Explore our online haberdashery and ladies boutique at your leisure:

From The Desk of The President

“From the moment any guest sets foot in the destination, you are in essence, welcomed into our prestigious club. The Newport Beach Vacation Club is dedicated to welcoming all aficionados of the finer things in life to the shores of
Newport Beach and to create a community of those seeking extraordinary vacation experiences. Our founders envisioned
Newport Beach’s natural pristine beauty, world-class hospitality, and meticulously curated offerings converge to create a
destination and experiences unlike any other. Welcome to the Newport Beach Vacation Club, where you’re part of the vacation legacy.”

Gary Sherwin —
President & CEO of Visit Newport Beach,
parent company of the
Newport Beach Vacation Club

September Club Activity Highlights Based on Member Interest and Intrigue:

To enhance your enjoyment, we’ve transformed all the experiences listed below into captivating photo and video formats. You can explore them by simply clicking here.

•Luxury at Your Leisure – As your vehicle glides to a graceful halt at one of our resorts, you’re greeted with an impeccable level of service that anticipates your every need. Retire to the pool, then embark on a shopping expedition amidst designer boutiques. As the sun sets, relish in the artistry of mixology while you bask in the splendor of the Newport Beach Vacation Club.

•A Perfect Match for Tennis Pros – For the avid tennis and pickleball enthusiast, we offer an outdoor sports paradise where pristine courts await. After an exhilarating game, cool down with a picnic and score a point for vacation success.

•Master Your Golf Getaway – For the ardent golf aficionado, Newport Beach provides the epitome of golfing excellence. Finish with a cigar of success as you swing into life at the Newport Beach Vacation Club.

•Anchored in Adventure – Dive in and set sail in Newport Harbor aboard a rented or chartered boat. Glide past historic landmarks, charming islands, and opulent waterfront estates as your day unfolds into stunning coastal beauty.

•New Member Soirée held nightly on the grounds

A full comprehensive guide on the Newport Beach Vacation Club is awaiting your perusal. Ready to join? This way, please to plan your visit:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your membership officially activates upon stepping foot on the grounds. Thank you for your understanding!

About the Newport Beach Vacation Club:
The Newport Beach Vacation Club is Southern California’s most inclusive vacation society perched along the sun-kissed coast of Newport Beach, California. Offering a curated selection of luxe accommodations, top-tier amenities within the grounds that include dining, shopping and recreation, and exclusive offers, the club strives to offer a world-class experience and hospitality for all that visit. The Newport Beach Vacation Club Grounds are Managed by Visit Newport Beach.

About Visit Newport Beach
Visit Newport Beach Inc. is a non-profit organization established to serve as the official marketing agency for the city of Newport Beach. The agency brings together all of the marketing entities connected to the Newport Beach brand and oversees five separate business units. For more information, please go to

Questions about Newport Beach Vacation Club?
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Megan Johns

Communications Manager, Visit Newport Beach | (714) 353-5026

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