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Lido Live – New Intimate Live Music Venue

September 1, 2014
  • Lido Live – New Intimate Live Music Venue
  • Lido Live – New Intimate Live Music Venue
  • Lido Live – New Intimate Live Music Venue

One of Balboa Peninsula’s most charming film venues is finding new reasons to attract visitors. Until now, it’s been the cozy choice for a Sunday matinee or evening flick, as well as a famed spot for a Newport Beach Film Festival screening and soiree. Now Lido Theatre has taken a new tenant — Lido Live — which aims to bring the adult community and visitors together on a daily basis through first-run movie showings, musical performances, and more. Here, we talk with Lido Live’s Tristan Ritter to find out what, and who, is taking center stage this season.

What is Lido Live’s mission?
We want to create a place where locals will come and enjoy movies and music. We’ll show a new movie every two weeks, and host a couple of 80s-style concerts each month. We hope the community will use the theatre on a daily basis.

Why only 80s music?
We want this to be a place for 40 to 60-somethings, and this is the generation of performers they want to see. We don’t allow anyone under 21.

What about Lido Theatre makes it a special venue and sets it apart from others in Newport Beach?
The Lido Theatre is loved by everyone: I’ll be at a premiere in Orange County and will tell someone I run the Lido Theatre and their first response is, “Oh, I love that theatre!” It is an incredibly intimate venue and there are no bad seats.

Your grand opening will take place on Sat, Sept. 20. What will the evening entail?
The indoor-outdoor event will offer beer and wine in the garden — and Smokey Robinson will perform. This was a big name to book — tickets range from $90 to $600 for front-row seats — but this is what the community has asked for, so this is what we’ll give them. We expect it to be an incredible evening.
We’ve also made some upgrades to the theatre — fresh paint, chandeliers, spruced it up — so this will be a great opportunity for people to check out the space as well.

What other performances does Lido Live have lined up for the fall season?
ABC, Flock of Seagulls and Berlin are all scheduled within the next few months. The average ticket is $40, but since the community has requested some bigger artists and bands, ticket prices will be higher for those.
We’ll also host a Halloween costume party on Oct. 25 featuring one of the most famous bands ever — I’ll give you a hint: “It’s a dead man’s party, who could ask for more?”

What food and beverage services are offered during shows?
At the moment we serve beer, but hope to acquire a license to add wine in the future. Pizza, sandwiches, and salads, as well as normal theatre treats like popcorn and candy, can be purchased at the concession.

What movies will screen this season?
Get On Up, A Most Wanted Man, Boyhood, and Moonrise Kingdom.

What other musical acts would you like to bring to the Lido stage?
We have some great artists signed. Unfortunately, due to contract restrictions, we are only allowed to release the names within a certain time frame of a concert. Keep checking back and staying tuned!

Visit for a schedule and to purchase tickets.

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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