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A Local Tour to Newport Beach Early Morning Edition

January 29, 2019

As the mornings start getting lighter, the early hours of Newport Beach become a little busier. Coffee shops get the early light and the boardwalk fills with people getting back into the California weather. Here are five ways to spend your mornings in Newport that will cause you to get to know the city in new light.

1. Secret Routes for Running with a View

Newport Beach’s boardwalk can get crowded with bikers, strollers, runners, and surfers. There are a few spots where you can still catch the ocean breeze and trails for a walk with friends or to get your exercise in. Sunset Ridge Park is located above Pacific Coast Highway with a beautiful view of the neighborhoods and beaches that stretch from the Newport Pier to the River Jetties. The area has a trail that allows for easy run tracking and stairs for a that extra early morning effort. Castaways Park is located above Pacific Coast Highway and Back Bay. It’s trails give great views and is a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy an early morning with friends.

2. Coffee at Lido

Crew Coffee & Cremerie is a hip and coastal coffee shop/gourmet ice cream parlor that opens at 6 am. The café has options for your coffee aficionado and for your sweet tooth. The shop is located on the property of Lido House Hotel but is also open to the public as it sits on the corner of Newport Blvd. and 32nd St. For the perfect start to your day in Newport Beach, Crew is the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of joe.

3. Morning Beach Picnic

All along the Newport Beach peninsula are great spots to bring a canteen filled with coffee and sit on the beach for an early morning picnic and watch the surf. Cool ocean breeze, quiet thoughts, warm coffee, and a cuddly blanket is a great way to enjoy an early morning. Find a lifeguard tower before the lifeguard jumps on duty and get a birds’ eye view. Maybe a dolphin will jump up to say hi too!

4. Surf at Blackies

There is nothing like surfing Blackies and getting to work with a little bit of sand still stuck between your toes. Surfing is one of the best ways to enjoy Newport Beach early in the AM. It’s great exercise, adventure, and full of friendly people learning how to surf. Always check the surf report so you know what to expect when you paddle out. One of the best views in the world is watching the sky and water change as the sun heightens overhead.

5. Brunch before the rush

One of the best and easiest things to find in Newport Beach is brunch. There are so many great coffee shops with weekend brunch and restaurants that specialize in delicious brunch buffets. A locals favorite is Haute Cakes on 17th Street. Fluffy Orange Ricotta Pancakes and Sergio’s burrito is just the beginning of the delicious menu. Enjoy brunch on the bay at Mayor’s Table at Lido House, Malibu Farm, or Zinque. The key to excellent brunch in Newport is to hit one of the amazing restaurants before the rush.

Malibu Farm

Brunch at Malibu Farm
Photo Credit: Richer Poorer C

Written By: Emma McKay

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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