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8 Peach Food & Drink Treats in NB

August 4, 2016

It’s that time of year when peaches provide the ideal relief to beat the summertime heat. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to grab a whole peach to indulge in its succulence, as the inherent sweetness and texture of the fruit makes it a natural ingredient for a wide range of delectable foods and drinks. Some of the most irresistible interpretations of peachy goodness can be enjoyed right here in Newport Beach. Considering how warm and humid the temperatures can get leading into the latter half of summer, digging into several of these dishes feels like it could be a priority.

Five CrownsFive Crowns

The cobbler is arguably the most famous way to enjoy peach as a bona fide dish ingredient. Part of the reason why is because it’s so simple. It’s a simplicity that the venerable Corona Del Mar executes flawlessly through their take on Peach Cobbler. Their combination of peaches, vanilla ice cream, and thick crust chunks possesses a unique beauty that stands up to more elaborate meal-enders, and not because it’s looks tantalizing. It’s gorgeousness also comes from its ability to make you feel content, if only for that very moment.

Aqua LoungeAqua Lounge

Peaches can also bring depth to dishes and drinks loaded with other fruit. This unique dimension is why the sleek Island Hotel cocktail lounge’s Coastal Peach Cocktail is such a winning concoction. The drink stacks cranberry, orange, and lime juices on a base of peach vodka to create a wealth of fruity complexity. It also adds some Grand Marnier to the glass, giving the libation enough buoyancy to make like you’re drinking something slightly naughty. Think of it as forbidden fruit, if you will.

The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove

Is there anything more quintessentially Newport than having champagne in the morning along the shoreline? (This is not a rhetorical writing trope. The answer is no). This legendary beachfront restaurant knows this to be true. They also have a firm grasp on the power of the peach, which makes ordering a Royale to go with your breakfast a must. There’s not much to this classic cocktail; champagne and peach are the only two ingredients listed. But when you’re under an umbrella with the roaring ocean less than a football field away, you don’t need anything else to experience total bliss.

Cucina EnotecaCucina Enoteca

Peaches in Newport Beach aren’t just meant for drinks. They’re also perfect for desserts – complex desserts, with eclectic textures and flavors that coalesce into spoonful after spoonful of edible wonder. Such is the construction of this Fashion Island restaurant’s Crème Fraiche Panna Cotta. This rich-but-not-too-rich dessert uses plump poached peaches to frame a broad flavor range that touches every part of your taste buds, from the crunchy oat crumble to the cool smoothness of the coconut sorbetto. It’s the kind of dessert that you should plan to save room for, even as you’re making the initial reservation.

Courtesy of Pelican Hill

Courtesy of Pelican Hill

Coliseum Pool & Grill

It’s summertime. If you’re doing it right, this means you’ll carve some time out to chill by the pool with a drink in your hand. Pelican Hill’s breathtaking poolside restaurant allows you the chance to do so from the comfort of their terrace, throwing a view of the Pacific beyond the pool for good measure. The venue’s sumptuous Peach Bellini adds to the scene’s elegance, expertly blending the flavors of white peach, Italian sparkling Prosecco, and Cointreau to create a taste experience as sublime as the view – regardless of what body of water meets your gaze.

A RestaurantA Restaurant

The natural brightness of a peach can add a touch of light to beverages known to be dark and scary. Case in point: The Dolce Vita whipped up behind the bar at this perpetually swingin’ Mariners Mile venue. Don’t be intimidated by the presence of Campari in this Prosecco-based drink; the inclusion of peach gives the libation an appropriately sweet yin to counter the famous liqueur’s bitter yang. These flavor notes are bridged by a dash of Jamaican #2 bitters, resulting in a cocktail that feels old-school yet tastes modern. It’s also a drink that’s perfect for A’s terrific past-meets-present ambience.


Throwing a peach on a grill may seem a little weird until you taste one. Once you’ll do and discover how the process intensifies its sweetness, you’ll understand. You’ll also have a full appreciation for this Back Bay eatery’s brilliant Summer Salad. Owner/chef Cathy Pavlos surrounds the scorched fruit with the tart zing of balsamic reduction, the smoky punch of Speck and hickory almonds, and other ingredients that bring their own pinpointed flavors to the table. It’s the ideal plate for the season. The act of eating the dish will cease, but the pleasures derived from indulging will resonate like a cherished summer memory in November.

13567474_10153844157713915_5834140634098962923_nWhole Foods

We’ll admit: there are times when there’s no substitute to simply taking a bite out of a peach and letting its sweet, sticky juices run wild down your mouth and fingers. When this urge to follow the non-figurative direction of a certain Allman Brothers album strikes (Google it, kids), may we suggest heading down to Fashion Island and picking up a few Organic Peaches. You already know the peaches you get here are going to be unbeatable. Just make sure you at least get back to your car before succumbing to their singular temptation.




Written by Visit Newport Beach

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