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A Round-up of Special Prix-Fixe Menus in Newport Beach

January 30, 2020
  • Marché Moderne
  • Marche Moderne in Newport Beach
  • Flemings Steakhouse in Newport Beach
  • Marche Moderne in Newport Beach

Ever since NB Restaurant Week drew to a close, we’ve been feeling a little blue. Restaurant Week comedown is, after all, a serious thing. (It’s somewhat like post-series depression, which strikes after finishing a really good book or particularly engrossing show). After two weeks of indulging in phenomenal food—several courses of it, if you will—now we’re back to, well, normal dinners or, worst of the worst, staring blankly at an empty fridge. So how do we cope, you ask? By sussing out some brilliant prix-fixe menus that are available now in Newport Beach. Keep on reading if you’re hungry for more multi-course goodness.

Marche Moderne

This French restaurant has been garnering accolades left and right since it opened back in 2007, and that’s because it managed to develop a menu that marries the modern and the traditional in a way that feels true to the flavors of France. The restaurant’s Thursdays-only, $135 tasting menu features a six courses, teeming with inspired plates like the Santa Barbara sea urchin with grapefruit gelée, fresh oregano, radishes, avocado, fresh heart of palm, kosho lime vinaigrette and orange dust. And the Homard Steak Frite Soigné—a perfect plate of Maine lobster, roasted cap of rib-eye, au poivre, duck fat fries and chanterelle soubise. That’s not saying anything about the other surprises on the menu, and even more importantly, what’s for dessert.


Basilic Restaurant

With an atmosphere that’s decidedly old-world, Basilic Restaurant tempts with food that’s half French and half Swiss, but entirely delicious. The place’s $75 five-course menu is fluid, as you get a few dishes to choose from for each course. Highlights include: seasonal blue crab, beef tenderloin steak tartare, braised Belgium endives and coq au vin. You’ll likely also be transfixed by the Basilic bouillabaisse—a saffron seafood stew with baby vegetables, fennel and fresh herbs—that feels refined and soul-warming all at once. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong here, and chances are, you’ll make a mental note to come back and try those dishes you almost ordered.


Fleming’s Steakhouse

Steak fiends, listen up. As you might already know, when it comes to prime beef, Fleming’s serves up some of the best in town. On Sundays, you can roll up your sleeves to a three-course menu, which features a filet mignon and a North Atlantic lobster tail. Once that disappears, expect to be treated to a three-layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and caramel drizzle, or a graham-cracker-crust key lime topped with Chantilly whipped cream. Alternatively, swing for the “Tomahawk for Two-sday Menu,” ($135 for two guests) which offers a slew of options by way of shareable sides and desserts. Oh, and there’s the 35-ounce prime tomahawk you’ll wax rhapsodic about for many dinners to come.


Pescadou Bistro

Tucked away on Newport Boulevard, this little bistro is lauded for its traditional execution of French cuisine and cozy ambiance that feels very much like a quick trip to France without the need to leave the premises. (In other words, this is where you go if you need a Parisian fix following a trip to the City of Light). In taking a quick glance at the menu, you’ll spy classic fixtures like ratatouille, coq au vin and escargots smothered in garlic-parsley butter. The restaurant’s $40 three-course “menu du jour,” however, changes every few days. Just pop in, and you’ll likely see the day’s offerings written in chalk on a black board. (Psst: previous seafood mains have included miso-glazed black cod, sole fillet with sauce laced with lemon and capers and swordfish served on a bed of ratatouille niçoise and fingerling potatoes).

Written By: Mariam Makatsaria

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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