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Celebrate National Marshmallow Day with these Treats

August 30, 2018

Did you know?! We’re celebrating National Marshmallow Day (yes, it’s a thing!) on August 30! It’s the perfect end of your summer celebration because what’s summer without marshmallows? S’mores without marshmallows, rice crispy treats without marshmallows, summer bonfires without marshmallows… you get the jist. Here’s a fun compilation of places you can get your marshmallow fix before summer ends, and to properly celebrate National Marshmallow Day!

Atomic Creamery
Decorate your ice cream with some marshmallows at Atomic Creamery. Here, you can feel free to get creative with your portion size, flavors, and toppings. Atomic Creamery’s ice cream is handcrafted using the liquid-nitrogen freezing process, (it is 2018). Also, they use only fresh, certified organic dairy and absolutely no stabilizers, preservatives, carrageenan, gums, corn syrup or any other artificial colors or flavors. Try the Owen Experiment, a combination of housemade strawberry puree, fresh local strawberries, oreos, mini marshmallows and topped with marshmallow creme (insert heart-eye emoji)!

Photo by: Atomic Creamery

Sprinkles Cupcakes
Bring on the OG of fast casual, will-wait-in-a-very-long-line-to-get-the-cupcake: Sprinkles! Oh yes, the originator of waiting in line for the next batch of fresh cupcakes is still going strong at their Newport Beach location. Cupcakes are seasonal (ahem, pumpkin), but also a year-round thing! Okay, so where’s the marshmallow in this you ask? Well, for starters they serve up a fresh batch of chocolate marshmallows on the daily meaning you can stock up day after to day to get your marshmallow craving. Also, I feel like we can’t leave out that they also serve ice cream and you can literally get your cupcake and ice cream fix in one sitting. It’s really a beautiful thing when you can order your chocolate marshmallow cupcake split in half and request a scoop of Rocky Road to compliment all the marshmallows you could possible have.

Photo Credit: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Baking Betty’s
When you visit Baking Betty’s website, the first thing you see is “Keep You Coming Back for S’more”, it’s promising that you’ll find something filled with marshmallows! Their menu is filled with a fresh batch of creative cookie ingredients, it’s almost as if you can smell the cookies just by looking at the website! Obviously, you gotta try the Signature S’Mores, stuffed with graham crackers, chocolate, and duh, ooey gooey marshmallows! Then move onto the their S’Mores Cookie Bark! Oh yes! Made with their Signature S’Mores cookie, graham cracker pieces, marshmallows and covered in chocolate. You literally can stay at Baking Betty’s all day to celebrate National Marshmallow Day!

Photo By: Baking Betty’s

Balboa Candy
What’s a marshmallow listicle without featuring a candy shop? Balboa Candy is the one stop shop to crave that sweet tooth. With offerings of bulk candy, candy bars and nostalgic candy, you may spend some time shopping but you won’t leave empty handed. If you’re really looking to go back in time while celebrating National Marshmallow Day you’ll have to grab a few Cup o’ Gold’s and a Mallow Cup. These old school candies are tasty chocolate bites filled with coconut and marshmallows. What’s not to love about these nostalgic little treats?

Yup, you’re just like a kid in a candy store, and for good reason! B. Candy is literally the candy shop of your childhood dreams. Filled with bright colors, oversized lollipops and more, it’d be easy to spend a better portion of your day here. Also, not only do they have wild amounts of candy, but they also serve ice cream, cakes, cookies and cupcakes too. YUP! They have it all! But since we’re celebrating marshmallow’s, we recommend a mini Rocky Road cake, Rocky Road ice cream and I mean, literally all the lucky charms marshmallows your heart would ever want because they separate those beauties for their Lucky Charm ice cream? Marshmallow heaven has been made.

Photo By: B.Candy

Written By: Bobby Navarro

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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