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Celebrate National S’mores Day

August 10, 2017

National S’mores day has arrived! And with it, we celebrate the beautiful American invention that’s had its home around the campfire for generations after first appearing in a Girl Scout’s guide in the 1920s. Although it’s no longer the time of flappers and flashing ankles, the beloved treat still reigns as bonfires crackle deep into the summer nights. Though the original recipe calls for a half bar of chocolate smushed between gooey marshmallow and two crispy crackers, new interesting variations have arisen with Reese’s chocolate adding a peanut butter flare and gourmet salted caramel bars replacing the OG Hershey’s bar. In keeping with the trends of remaking the classic summer sweet, these seven restaurants and dessert spots of Newport Beach don’t disappoint as they provide novel and delicious ways to indulge your inner child in their tasty break from the traditional.

1. Blaze Pizza

Head over to Fashion Island to enjoy two British biscuits sandwiching a toasted marshmallow and chocolate that’s been melted in their oven as you order. This s’mores pie is fast, cheap ($2), delicious, and conveniently located amongst world-class shops where you can make time to purchase your summer essentials.

2. A & O Kitchen + Bar

Beautifully located right along the glistening harbor, A & O Kitchen is a part of the Balboa Bay Resort and gives its visitors the opportunity to roast their own with a s’mores kit on the outdoor patio. Class up the typical campfire experience with firepits of colored glass, cushioned chairs, and a view of luxury yachts as the sun sets. It’s a little hard to take a picture with a s’more in one hand, signature cocktail in the other, but with a view like this you can console yourself with knowing it won’t be too hard to commit it to memory.

3. Sprinkles Ice Cream

Only sold for the month of August, Sprinkles’ delectable s’mores creation includes graham cracker ice cream with lacings of fluffy marshmallow cream and homemade fudge. It’s the perfect alternative to the hot snack when you’re looking to stay cool for the summertime. Take some of their gourmet cupcakes to-go while you’re at it!

4. Orange Blossom Cafe

Since France also knows a thing or two about desserts, why not find a striped shirt to wear while you try a French twist to this American staple? Conveniently located at the base of Balboa Pier and just steps away from the sand, Orange Blossom Cafe layers marshmallow, chocolate drizzle, and whip cream in their version of a s’mores crepe. Local tip: ask for a sprinkling of cinnamon and a thin layer of Nutella for “un vrai” revamped s’more taste.

5. Beachcomber Cafe

Coming in kids and adult versions, the beloved oceanside Beachcomber Cafe doles out generous portions of ice cream topped with warm roasted marshmallows, whipped cream dollops, graham crackers, and chocolate drizzle in their “Gimme S’mores” confection. The crash of the waves repeat in your head as you devour this divine dessert, and with the sand just beyond the elevated patio you can almost pretend you’re fireside roasting one yourself. Though really, you think, you haven’t missed out at all. More whipped cream anyone?

6. Sushi Roku

Everyone raves about this unexpected dessert at the innovative sushi restaurant that incorporates ingredients from all over the globe into its edible masterpieces. Why should their s’more be any different? Served with a small fire in the middle of the plate, you can still roast your own house-made marshmallow and block of chocolate while skipping all the mess of preparing any of it yourself. Dip the roasted treats in the marshmallow cream sauce and roll them around in the finely ground graham cracker dust for an even covering, but don’t forget to try the green tea bars in the mix for a bite that’s unexpectedly delicious.

7. Baking Betty’s

If you couldn’t get enough of the s’mores pie at Blaze, pop on over to the other Fashion Island hotspot Baking Betty’s to try their best-selling s’mores cookie you can have year-round! All key ingredients (chocolate chunks, graham crackers, and marshmallow swirls) are blended into the cookie dough for a bite-sized treat that’s anything but boring. If you want to feel the chocolate and melted marshmallow ooze into your mouth with each bite however, the s’mores cookie sandwich is the only way to go! Pick the type of cookies you want, and take delight in the marshmallow and chocolate that’s melted to order between each carefully chosen cookie. Finally, an option where s’mores are no longer just contained to summer menus. Betty just gets it.


Written by Visit Newport Beach

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