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October 4, 2018

For many, coffee is the magic elixir that kick-starts our brain into full functionality. Yet coffee can be so much more than a beverage that thrusts us toward a day of school drop-offs, work meetings, and random afternoon errands. When done properly, it can be a flavorful escape, something that soothes and relaxes our soul as opposed to jostling our spirit. It’s at these moments of sipping bliss that coffee becomes symbolic of coolness.

Newport Beach has several places that can offer this sense of beverage-fueled bliss. Better yet, each venue delivers this feeling in their own unique way, from surrounding you in sleek modernity to providing you with a sense of old-school rustic charm. Wherever you go, you won’t have to worry about wondering what a “venti” means.

Alta Coffee House – Once upon a time, before corporate chains came along, the coffeehouse was a prime gathering spot for artists, intellectuals, and deep-thinking types to gather around and have meaning, visceral discussions.  Fortunately, a few pillars of the old ways are still in existence, and you can make a serious case that this Balboa Peninsula venue protects this sacred tradition better than anyplace in Orange County, let alone Newport Beach. The coffee brewed here fits the vibe with remarkable precision. They always use organic certified beans that are roasted in small batches to keep things as fresh as possible, and the beans they secure are fair trade whenever possible. It’s the coffee you want in your hand if you’re engaging in a conversation about literature or philosophy.

Kean Coffee – It’s not hyperbole to say that you’re drinking Orange County history when you sip a cup of joe at this Westcliff coffeehouse. Founder Martin Diedrich also founded the first Diedrich coffeehouse in Costa Mesa just a few steps down the road. Its manager, Karen Diedrich, handled PR for the legendary (and sorely missed) Fahrenheit 451 coffeehouse and bookstore in Laguna Beach. Both of those places are gone, but Kean’s knack of creating coffee drinking experiences that go beyond just drinking coffee ensures the dearly departed venues live on in spirit. One of the best ways they deliver this is through their selection of seasonal fresh roasted beans they gather from Ethiopia, Guatemala, the Congo, and other places around the world. These global beans organically encourage the coffee-drinker to think about brew as something more than a hot beverage pouring out of a glass pot, which automatically makes it more fascinating than your average brew.

Newport Coffee Company – If you’ve ever been near the ocean waters off Balboa Peninsula before 6:00 AM, you know it’s teeming with surfers looking to catch a good wave before starting their day. While the rush of the water oftentimes serves as their wake-up call, grabbing some coffee after a session can also work wonders for their energy. That’s where this gem at the front of Newport Pier comes into the picture. Local Balboa residents founded the venue, so they’re completely in-tune with what the surfing, beachcombing, and Peninsula-loving crowds crave. Judging by the delights sold in this cozy space, it’s evident they crave exquisite brew from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, along with a host of freshly baked pastries, healthy grab-and-go items, and gelato.

Rose Bakery Café – Most mornings are spent running around and frantically preparing for the day. However, there are the occasions where the calendar affords you enough time to sit down, relax, and enjoy coffee with a hearty breakfast item.  This charming Corona Del Mar is the perfect spot to drop by when those times strike. You can select a wide range of coffee styles here, but you can also pair whatever cappuccino or latte your order with a plump breakfast burrito, a generous omelet, a pancake platter, or a host of other edible delights. If you need a midday pickup – and who doesn’t – you can pair your brew with a lunch treat like a wrap or a burger.

Written By: Rich Manning

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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