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Late Night Bites in Newport Beach

July 19, 2018

What’s an evening out on the town without a late night bite? Probably one that ended with empty tummies and regrets. If you’ve been looking for some late night dining options, look no further. We’ve got you covered on all things delicious and food-coma worthy. Warning: If you continue reading below, you may experience intense cravings and extreme temptations for late night snacking.

Taco Bell Cantina

Taco Bell Cantina

Face it, we all love Taco Bell. Be it the crunchy tacos that always taste amazing, burritos perfect to take on the go, or any of the other brilliantly tasty items on the menu, Taco Bell has something for everyone. And I seriously mean everyone. Taco Bell Cantina, located on the corner of 22nd street off of W Balboa, sits on the perfect corner lot to stop in for a late-night snack while you enjoy Balboa Peninsula. But what makes this location great for a late night bite? Not only is it open until 3 a.m., it serves beer and wine! Yep, part of the chain’s cantina outposts, you can now grab a cold one with your Chalupa.

Stag Bar + Kitchen BarStag Bar + Kitchen

If a local spot is what you’re looking for, then Stag Bar is the place for you. Located on the corner of Newport Blvd. and steps from the beach, this bar sits in the heart of the action on Balboa Peninsula. Stag Bar offers any drink you can imagine as well as a Happy Hour (that is so long it seems like Happy Day) from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Once settled in with a drink, you can’t go wrong starting off with any of the meatball combinations or the elevated takes of classic bar food options – burgers, fries, pizza and wings. From the second you walk into Stag Bar + Kithcen you’ll feel like a local and will most likely be surrounded by people who’ve grown up or have frequented the area for years. Kitchen is open from 11am11pm Monday – Friday and 9am11pm Saturday – Sunday.

Seaside Donuts Bakery and City Donuts

Nothing beats a late-night sweets craving like a freshly made donut. Luckily for you we have two perfect donuts shops when you need a bearclaw stat. The first, City Donuts, located in the middle of 28th and 26th street of Balboa Blvd., is the most classic 24-hour “donuttery” you can find. Serving the classics like glazed and chocolate bars and twists, as well as donut holes and cronuts that melt in your mouth, you’ll be in a sugary fantasyland from the second you walk in.

Seaside DonutThe next donut stop is located only steps from the sand. Seaside Bakery sits right on the board walk overlooking beautiful Newport Beach and Pier. In the heart of McFadden Square on Balboa Peninsula, Seaside Donuts screams old-school cool mixed with beach vibes for days. A complete local spot, you can always manage to find a nosh to satisfy your sweet tooth or curb your midnight appetite. Start off with the classics ,maybe a donut or two, but then indulge in the variety of the muffins, strudels, or ridiculously delicious croissants! Wash it all down with a Thai tea or one of the many drinks they have and you’re good to go.

Cabo CantinaCabo Cantina

What’s better than chips and salsa and a perfect margarita shared with friends? Nothing! Cabo Cantina is the place to be for any great night out on the Balboa Peninsula, this time just a little further down the boulevard in the Balboa Village area. Right off Balboa Pier, Cabo Cantina is your one-stop shop for drinks, great food, music, and people that are sure to keep you going all night long. Enjoy a tower of nachos big enough to share with the table or street tacos and fajitas that make Taco Tuesday every night of the week.

Written by Brandon Beltran

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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