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Top Bars to Watch the NFL in Newport Beach

September 4, 2013

The NFL season begins tomorrow night, and aside from Thanksgiving, this may be the most celebrated Thursday on the calendar for millions of us NFL junkies. After all, if you’re like me, you’ve done your four fantasy football drafts  — go Brady, I mean Manning, I mean Rivers, I mean Flacco — and you’re ready to scream at the TV and celebrate the new season.

So where do we go?

Here in Newport Beach, there are only a couple of so-called sports bars, but there are many places that serve up a heaping helping of food, drinks, and football.

Kickoff:  Mutt Lynch’s. The great thing about Mutt’s, besides the ice-cold schooners, is the early hours. With opening hours of 7am on the weekend, you can position yourself perfectly in front of your desired game.  Of course if you’re like me, you typically sit alone watching Chiefs games. The omelets here are hearty and delicious.

Touchdown: Rudy’s Pub and Grill. With the retractable roof, good beer selection, wall-to-wall TVs, and great food service, Rudy’s is an ideal spot to spend a Sunday. And there aren’t too many bars that allow you to cheer on your team and get the perfect beach tan!

Field Goal: DivBar. With a country breakfast, waterfront view, and great service, the DivBar is an excellent location to catch the games. I recommend the country skillet, which is love at first sight. The DivBar is great because you don’t have to drive to get there. You can dock! So pull up in your Duffy and deck your boat out in team colors while you’re at it!

Safety: The Classic Q. TVs are positioned all over this establishment, which is nestled near John Wayne Airport off MacArthur Blvd. Halftime is a good time for billiards. For some reason watching sports while playing billiards or darts makes me a feel a little bit more like a competitor.

Interception: Muldoon’s. If you’re coming from outside Newport Beach, Muldoon’s may be the first spot that grabs you.  Located near Fashion Island, Muldoon’s is a hot spot to catch the games without heading into the heart of the peninsula.   With breakfast items like corned beef hash or the Irish country breakfast, you can enjoy a hearty meal while you watch helmets collide. This is also a great location if your significant other wants to spend the time strolling the shops of Fashion Island.

Overtime:  Tap Shack. The Tap Shack is one of the newest hotspots in Newport Beach, where there are extra perks for football fans like the self-pouring beer taps on the outdoor patio. One other thing people enjoy with the all-you-can-eat brunch is endless domestic beer. Nope, no fumble here!  In addition to a champagne brunch is the beer brunch. Please remember to drink safely, and if you drink, use a designated driver, call a cab, or use a service like Uber. Tap Shack is also the official Seahawks bar in OC.

Quarterback: The Balboa Saloon. The Balboa Saloon in Balboa Village has free Wi-Fi, so stat geeks and fantasy fanatics can monitor their teams at high speeds. This is especially helpful if I want to change my lineup before the 1pm games! With good food and fresh fish, this is a good spot to stop on Sundays.

The General Manager:  The Porch. This is the one location in Newport Beach that is currently promoting hosting fantasy football draft parties. For those of you late in the game, still scrambling to draft, this could be the home for you. With private rooms, and free Wi-Fi, armchair GMs have plenty of space for you to select your squad for the 13-14 season.

End Zone to End Zone: Class of ’47 and Village Inn. I have spent Sundays all over watching football, and one thing that’s fun is watching the first half at one location, like Class of ’47 in the Balboa Village, and then taking the ferry over and finishing off the game at the V-I. Of course the best part of the day after all that food and football is a cool Balboa Bar or frozen banana.

Did we miss a spot?  Do you know of a bar in Newport Beach that caters to the fans of one team, like the Tap Shack?  Let us know in the comments section.


Written by Visit Newport Beach

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