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Notable Wine Lists in Newport Beach

October 6, 2016

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to wine. Wine interacts uniquely with all of the diverse palettes and preferences that exist within its wide range of consumers. It is incredibly versatile. We aren’t all trained wine professionals, knowledgeable of how to pair specific wines with a certain food, but we are able to decipher whether we like this bottle better than the other. Seeing as we have the ability to choose what wine fits well with our tastes, it’s exciting to have a vast list of potential “favorites” to discover while dining out. What sets one wine list apart from the rest? Sommeliers say its all about personality, breadth, passion and adventure. It’s like playing matchmaker – you have to think of the personalities of the food, wine and consumer and select the options that go best. In Newport Beach, there are plenty of wine lists that allow diners to do just that. Play matchmaker with your wine preferences and adventure through the sophistication and versatility available in some notable wine lists here in Newport Beach.

1383026_10151987498712612_1179371465_nA Restaurant

A Restaurant is an iconic location that has a very unique history. They have excellent service, great food and an unbeatable ambiance. Pick your bottle of wine and let the romance begin. The bartenders are seasoned pros very capable of pointing you in the right direction on what to order. Order a bottle and rest assured that at A Restaurant your glass will always be full. Their wine list is a classic favorite – offering all the best varietals to fit your mood and preferences. Not to mention, their wine options pair very well with their house and specialty cuts of beef.

CUCINA enoteca - Wine ShopCUCINA enoteca

A fan favorite, conveniently located in Fashion Island, is CUCINA enoteca. It’s known for its vibrant décor, alfresco patio, delicious food and of course, it’s vast wine menu. Upon entering the restaurant, it’s apparent to any wine lover that they’ve come to the right place. Its entrance is lined with wine bottles of all different kinds. Its wine list is comprised of over 250 familiar names and rare, small-batch gems from the Americas and Europe – their emphasis being Italian varietals. One of the major draws to CUCINA entoeca is the hand selected wines that are available at retail price. You can enjoy the bottle while dining with them or purchase it to go. Here at CUCINA enoteca, it’s not your usual restaurant mark-up. The wine list is labeled perfectly to inspire diners and help them navigate what can sometimes be an intimidating choice.

14021712_10154469804064084_7743313332846035259_nFleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Fleming’s is another great wine-o destination located in Fashion Island. Wine is their expertise. They recognize that guests are in search of quality and variety in their dining out experience and Fleming’s work to provide that and more. They’re celebrated nationwide for the “Fleming’s 100 Program” It is an award winning program that features a curated list of 100 wines by the glass. Director of Wine, Maeve Pasquera, selects the majority of wine to appear on Fleming’s wine list throughout the county and the other wines on their list are selected in conjunction with the local Wine Manager to reflect regional tastes. You can trust that the team at Fleming’s is bringing you only the best and most sought out wines. An added bonus – each table is provided with a WINEPAD that allows them to effortlessly navigate Fleming’s 100 Program and identify the perfect glass.

12027692_773997909392508_8265238774507235095_nJuliette’s Kitchen & Bar

Juliette Kitchen & Bar is a warm and very inviting restaurant located in the airport district of Newport Beach. It has a quiet and rustic atmosphere making it a great end of the day pit stop for a quality glass of wine. Three ounce wine flights are available for tastings and there is a long list of great reds to try.


Pirozzi is a charming Italian restaurant hidden in Corona del Mar. Combining his charming personality and time-honored family recipes, Chef Alessandro Pirozzi creates an authentic taste of Italy locally on Pacific Coast Highway. Pirozzi Is the only restaurant in Newport Beach certified authentic by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napolentana. With a title like this, it’s apparent that the wine they serve is handpicked and selected to pair perfectly with all of the best Italian dishes. They have an extensive wine list that shouldn’t be missed by any dedicated wine enthusiasts. Within the various wine categories on the menu, Pirozzi provides the Wine Master’s Selection to help guide the decision process. This hidden gem is a must try.

13344676_10157039710430541_3673017513642050220_nThe Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar

The Winery is one of Newport Beach’s premier waterfront restaurants providing spectacular views of the Harbor in a hip, vibrant and sophisticated setting. The Winery’s wine list offers 650 selections, changing weekly – featuring varietals from all around the world. Guests are welcome to tour the restaurants’ climate-controlled cellars, which can hold up to 7, 500 bottles. In the restaurants’ entrance, you’ll walk by a fourteen-foot high glass private wine locker display housing the wines of some of their most frequent visitors. They are extremely well known for their notable wine list. Their unique, wine-specific decorative fixtures transport the diner out of Newport Beach and into some of the world’s landmark wine destinations.

1174721_10151577208898263_425367023_nWine Gallery Wine Shoppe & Kitchen

In the beautiful neighborhood of Corona del Mar, you’ll find this local favorite. The Wine Gallery Wine Shoppe & Kitchen is a classy wine shop and tasting room that is the perfect place to grab a glass with great company at the end of a long day. The staff is attentive and extremely helpful – they really help you get to the bottom of what kind of wine you’re in the mood for. Typically, they offer three flights and change them up frequently. They also offer a menu of appetizers that pair very nicely with all of the wines on their list – try a cheese board, burrata or an amazing flatbread. This place has an incredible knack for wine that we highly recommend you explore. They are quite literally, “the coolest bar in town”, keeping their wine at a climate-controlled temperature of sixty-eight degrees.






Written by Visit Newport Beach

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