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Best Delivery/Take-out pizza in Newport Beach

January 27, 2017

The creation of pizza came like manna from heaven. On any given occasion, a comforting classic slice of pizza effortlessly transcends us to a sense of nirvana we’ve all been looking for. Luckily enough, Newport Beach is a rising destination for New York-style, Chicago-style, or Neopolitan-style pizza aficionados, and the marriage between pizza and a quick delivery is the perfect harmony for SoCal natives that avoid dining out during winter. Whether inebriated or not, we’ve all fallen victim to the tantalizing charm of cheesy marinara goodness that is pizza, often seen stunting around town in an unpretentious cardboard outfit. So without further ado, here’s the Newport Beach pizza delivery — or takeout — bible, specifically curated for those looking to satisfy their craving in the comfort of their own home.

freshbrothers3Fresh Brothers

Meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans and gluten free foodies rejoice! Fresh Brothers has cultivated health conscious pizza, founded on Chicago style recipes, that is jam packed with all-organic ingredients. Their local farm approach has made their pizza the ultimate late-night delivery, and after hours snack. Fresh Brothers slices vary in toppings guaranteed to not leave you feeling guilty about the abundance of pleasure that an unlimited amount of pizza brings to your life. Fresh Brothers has made eating healthy pizza easier and more accessible than ever with their delivery or takeout services available.

lavin697Laventina’s Big Cheese Pizza

Those who believe that the best pizza doesn’t travel must have never ordered takeout from Laventina’s Big Cheese. For over 25 years, Laventina’s has mastered the art of simply dressed, classic pizza. Located in the heart of the peninsula, just minutes away from Newport Beach’s bar scene, Laventina’s should be crowned as the go-to spot to satisfy hunger pangs after a night of drinking. Their wholesale-priced pizza will leave you in suspended disbelief when realizing you only paid $10 for a big cheese pizza — cheese that slowly oozes over their extra crisp crust and melts in your mouth.

piza700The Pizza Bakery

All hail the pizza god of pizza that is The Pizza Bakery — handcrafted New York-style pizza that is devilishly good and a gold mine for pizza lovers. The Pizza Bakery, located right off the Westcliff Plaza, delivers pizza that will have you counting down the minutes until you get to sink your teeth into their homemade garlic dough deliciousness. Their slices are not only huge, but every bite is filled with flavor. Their delivery is prompt, so settle into a movie and order a style-specific pizza from The Pizza Bakery.

Cruisers Deep DishCruisers Pizza Bar Grill

Windy city natives, Alex Petrosian and Bud Weirenga, brought a taste of Chicago stuffed pizza to California that has been knocking the wind out of SoCal natives since 2014. Cruisers Pizza Bar Grill offers an intimidating deep-dish pizza, packed with slabs of mozzarella, that requires one to be properly armed with napkins, forks and knives. Situated in Newport Beach’s Balboa Village, Pizza Bar Grill’s deep-dish doughy canvases are stuffed with multi-layered chunky goodness that will have you feeling like a true Chicagoan. The best part? Each pizza is custom made and ready for takeout.

Pizza Nova OvenPizza Nova

For some, the chill that accompanies an overcast day in Newport Beach is enough to discourage them from dining in at a restaurant. Fortunately, Pizza Nova offers delivery to those that prefer less of a classic and more of a gourmet spin on pizza. With options like roasted tomato, arugula and prosciutto, their hand stretched, wood-fired pizza automatically induces massive saliva production. Oh and why stick to marinara when you can top your pizza with alfredo sauce instead? Pizza Nova offers a wide variety of specialty pizzas with an artisan touch, and this worthy pie will taste just as great delivered as it would dining in.

gina339Gina’s Pizza

Gina’s Pizza has embodied the craft of convenience without sacrificing quality. Pizza fanatics gravitate towards Gina’s when in search of high-quality ingredients. Their nuanced sauce gracefully compliments their fresh toppings and traditional crust. Voted best pizza in Orange County 2 years in a row, Gina’s Pizza recipes come straight from Sicily. With several locations throughout SoCal, ordering has never been easier.

Johnny’s Real New York PizzaJohnny’s Real New York Pizza

The Empire State transplant Johnny Younesi is an emissary of the New York-style thin crust pizza and is on a mission to bring the good word to a land devoid of enormous floppy slices. Johnny’s Real New York Pizza serves a handful of pies tailored to emulate the taste of East Coast pizza. With a perfect time-tested dough recipe that is made fresh daily along with the sauce and meatballs, Johnny’s will make you feel like you’re having a slice under the bright lights of Time Square. Regardless if you order delivery or take-out, Johnny’s invites you to bring the truth of East Coast-style pizza to your doorstep.

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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