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January 7, 2015

After all the holiday ham, champagne celebrations, and leftover hangover cures, everyone is looking at the ways to start 2015 on the right track. Newport Beach has always been the epicenter of healthy living in Orange County, so now that the ball has dropped, we have collected a list of some of the hottest Newport Beach juicing spots that will help you get back on the ball. We picked out some of our favorite juices and cleanses to help you start your new year the right way.

Bowl of Heaven ­ 1280 Bison Ave., Newport Beach ­

The experience of enjoying an acai bowl is perfectly described, “when you eat it…it’s like your body has been craving this for a long time.” Bowl of Heaven, created by Brandon Beazer and Dan McCormick, is famous for these delicious and healthy treats, but has expanded their menu to include other tasty offerings. On top of the acai bowl craze, smoothies and juices can also be found here. One of the newest in the bunch is called Orange Crush, a bright blend of carrots, orange and apple, sure to be the hit of the spring.

Juice Crafters ­ 220 Marine Ave., Newport Beach ­

The juice craze goes beyond the cleansing part or rebooting from a week long butter filled food binge. Juice Crafters works hard to piece flavors and healing benefits in each delicious bottle, much like Momma’s home­made remedies. This family run business carefully crafts each juice to be a blend of curing and preventative properties coming together to be the perfect “nature’s medicine”. Anti-aging, muscle and nerve stregthening, and vision improvement are just a few of the slew of upgrades that these juices hope to provide. Enough of the watermelon, carrot, apple, and ginger “Fresh and Clean #11”, you’ll be giving Superman a run for his money.

Porrovita ­ 3000 Newport Beach Blvd., Newport Beach ­

The juicing bug is no longer just for the health conscience mom or the food freak doctor, but the live better model has translated to the surfers and hipsters of this generation. Porrovita is a true testament to that. The “hang loose” feel of this juicery really makes an islander feel at home, and the juices names bring wit and charm to complete the package. “Luv Ur Liver” is a blend of apple, cucumber, beer, lemon, carrot, and ginger and may have a healing impact on your hangover. The special liver loving elixir is the favorite of Chase Bray, the creator of Porrovita.

Ritual Wellness ­ 2841 E Coast Hwy., Newport Beach ­

Millions of people across the globe have their “I can’t start my morning without (blank)”, but can you imagine life if there was an alternative? To all those 5 hour energy cravers and

Starbucks must­haveers, Ritual Wellness is bringing you a bright purple bottle of energy, sure to revitalize any snail paced day. “Beet Boost” is the perfect combination of apple lemon, beet and ginger, that is perfect when you are craving something a little sweet and a little savory, and is an all natural way to get your energy up and get you on the move.

True Food Kitchen ­ 451 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach ­

True Food Kitchen brings a luxury take to the grab and go standard of juicing. True Food prides itself in bringing the happening and fun things in the culinary scene and meshing them with a healthy lifestyle. Now you can have a refreshing “Kale Aid”, laying in the California sun on a stunning open patio with one of the most beautifully designed restaurants in Fashion Island.

Krisp Fresh Living ­ 1651 Westcliff Drive, Newport Beach ­

Finding professionals that take the time to study each healing property of everything growing from the earth, people that treat each drop of juice that goes out the door like a tablet of medicine, is truly unique to this industry. The people at Krisp Fresh Living seem to be highly trained in the understanding and development of the health food brand and are dedicated to bringing the scientific knowledge to this space to make your health goals a reality. The “Youth Refresher” prevents DNA damage and removes damaging and aging “free radicals” with the perfect mix of carrots, beets, coconut water, ginger, orange, and pineapple. These lines of juices are also recommended to cancer patients as part of their treatment. Little miracles in a bottle.

Nekter Juice Bar­ 2801 E. Coast Hwy., Newport Beach ­

For the those who are gearing toward making a change, or are looking to reset your system 15 lbs. worth of cold pressed fruits and vegetables is the way to do it. Nekter Juice Bar is a staple of the Orange County community, being one of our many blossoming success stories.
Choosing one of the classic cleanse options is the perfect way to get your health goals a huge jump start.

Club Detox ­ 1040 Bayside Drive, Newport Beach ­

21 days, seems like a lifetime, but the promise of restructuring your body at the cellular level, cure disease, relieve pain, and lose weight, could all be worth it. Lenka is the inspirational mind behind this program, and has spent many years developing what has proven to be a lifesaving lifestyle. The combination of Infrared Sauna sessions, juice cleansing, and Alkaline living water seemed to have the ultimate healing effect for some Orange County socialites.


Written by Visit Newport Beach

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