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Travel to Paris Without Stepping on an Airplane

July 11, 2019
  • Moulin Bistro
  • Moulin Bistro
  • Moulin Bistro
  • Moulin Bistro

Stepping foot in Newport Beach’s Moulin Bistro is an instant immersion to Paris, France where chef/owner Laurent Vrignaud was born and raised. From the charming bistro ambiance complete with décor from France to the freshly baked goods that sell out within hours, every visit to Moulin is like stepping foot in the Montmartre district in Paris.


Moulin Bistro

Say oui to everything on the menu at Moulin Bistro! The restaurant ensures that every chef that walks through their doors has a French culinary background. This dedication to authenticity is what makes Moulin so special. Almost half of Moulin’s staff were born in France, which only adds to the authentic flavor of the restaurant.

The menu features French bread, fresh cheese and wine to delicious pastries and artisanal sandwiches.  Their pastry chefs are committed to creating the highest quality and freshest baked goods – even if that means starting the baking process at 1 am the night before. And even more amazing – Moulin sells out of everything they make, every single day. In the words of Laurent, “Do not come to get a baguette at six o’clock at night!” It’s not a matter of if they’ll sell out, but when.


The bistro ambiance gives patrons an instant immersion into France the moment a guest walks through the doors. From the wicker bistro chairs to the antique French signs that grace the interior, all of Moulin’s decor has been collected in France by Laurant himself. He’s spent the last 20 years going back and forth, finding the perfect art, fixtures, and even tables and chairs to complete his café to truly transport his guests.

Come for a cappuccino, but stay for a flakey croissant and most likely you’ll find yourself perusing their eclectic corner shop filled with French delicacies. Come for lunch, and you’ll find a wide variety of hot and cold sandwiches, charcuterie plates, salads, hot dishes, and more!

Merci beaucoup chef Laurent, Moulin Bistro gives guests a fully inclusive Paris experience without ever stepping on an airplane!


Written by: The Traveling Newlyweds

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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