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Cottage Plates was started in 1978 by family friend, Kay Cooper, after a trip she took to Europe. She was inspired by the quaint welcoming door plaques on many of the cottages. Upon returning home, Kay designed and produced her own personalized door plaques out of her shop/studio on Balboa Island. By 1997, Kay was ready to retire, when my mom, Cindy Kupper and her friend, Mary Hardesty-Clayton, bought the business. Cindy ran the day-to-day operations, with Mary providing valuable advice, handling the advertising and new designs all while working her real estate business from the other room. I have been with them from the beginning. After a rough last year Cindy is ready to enjoy retirement, and with my own girls in middle school, it’s my turn to run Cottage Plates full-time.

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We Love both of our plates and display them proudly. The shop was not open this summer when we visited for the week. I will be ordering one for a... More

Very happy with the customer service. Because they are only open to the public on Weds, I picked up a brochure from the front door, chose my design,... More

Love my plate!! it's so beautiful and perfect for my Irvine beach house haha as close to the beach as we will get but I love it!! Next time I would make the... More

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