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May 7, 2014

Warm Sun, soft sand, and salty surf — it’s what draws millions of visitors to Newport Beach every year — and keeps those who are lucky enough to live here from even considering residing anywhere else. But too much exposure to nature’s elements, especially in the summer months, can wreak havoc on your looks. Heat and humidity demand a new set of summer beauty rules; here, we’ve consulted with Blushington lead makeup artist Jessica Scantlin for her top tips and tricks of the trade.

­—Ashley Lane Breeding

Q. What are five essential beauty items every woman should have in her summer makeup bag? 

A. Tinted moisturizer, bronzer/blush, blotting papers, sunscreen, and lip-gloss. (Jessica’s picks: 1. Jouer Tinted Moisturizer 2. Becca Beach Tint 3. Mai Couture blotting papers 4. MD Solar Sciences sunscreen (“It doesn’t look white under makeup,” she says) and 5. Jouer essential lip-gloss)

Q. What’s your favorite summer beauty product?

A. A face shimmer (she uses Becca shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl, and recommends Opal for darker, golden-toned skin.) I love this because you don’t need to wear anything else, and it gives you a beautiful glow.

Q. What are the season’s top makeup trends?

A. The top trends for makeup are a great orange or red lip, and blue or teal eyeliner. The best way to wear them is to choose one and wear nothing else. You don’t want one to overpower the other, so focusing on makes it look fresh and hip as opposed to overkill. With the eyeliner you want to keep it on the top or the bottom lash line — I actually prefer the lower lash line as I think it is fun. And keep the shadow on top soft and neutral.

Q. What’s your best method for applying melt-proof makeup?

A. My secret weapon for makeup that lasts all day is a setting spray (Jessica’s pick: Model in a Bottle). This spray literally adheres to your makeup and makes it sweat-proof. I also use lighter products such as tinted moisturizer instead of heavy foundation, and a cheek and lip stain instead of heavier products — that way, everything will last a bit longer. And smudge-proof mascara is a must. (Jessica’s pick: Kevyn Aucoin volume mascara, which has a “tube-like” effect, she says.)

Q. Is it best to apply a summer base with fingers, a brush, or sponge?

A. Use a wet sponge. This way, it breaks down the makeup a little so it sinks into the skin seamlessly. (Jessica’s pick: Blushington Beauty Blender)

Q. Should makeup match clothing? 

A. It shouldn’t “match” your clothing, but it should compliment it. So, for instance, if you are wearing a coral dress and want a bright lip color, don’t opt for coral but instead try an orange or red (She likes Jouer in Grace). The same thing goes for, say, a purple dress; instead of a purple eye shadow, use a wine color with a purple undertone.

Q. What’s one of the biggest cosmetic faux pas you see women make, and how can it be corrected?

A. My biggest pet peeve is too much powder! I literally cringe when I see someone who is overly powdered as this look is so outdated — and it actually makes you look older. Your natural skin is beautiful and has a glow to it so to keep it fresh, dewy and youthful, opt for a translucent power. (Jessica’s pick: Julie Hewett loose translucent powder)

Blushington offers professional makeup application and lessons from Newport’s top beauty experts, as well as a selection of thoughtfully curated beauty products. Visit the website for a complete list of services.



Written by Visit Newport Beach

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