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Sushi has become many American’s dish of choice. So if you are looking for the best sushi on the Pacific coast, you have stumbled upon the right place. Newport Beach is home to an amazing selection of sushi restaurants, from all-you-can-eat to order as you go, it is nearly impossible to pick a favorite.

930 Sushi has everyone talking about the hip place to dine in Newport Beach. 930’s chef-inspired menu blends classic Japanese technique with innovative flavor combinations to offer the finest sushi, sashimi and rolls. Choose from a selection of signature cocktails, wines and sake to complement each dish.

Buddha’s Favorite, where California style meets Japanese culture, is known for its friendly personality and delicious cuisine. Each dish is crafted from scratch by the chef. A romantic patio overlooking the ocean, lively sushi bar and cozy inner dining, make every seat in the house a comfortable one.

San Shi Go is top notch. This highly rated restaurant specializes in serving the freshest, mouth-watering salmon, Cajun tuna, red snapper, yellowtail, and halibut. Giant clams, scallops, Kobe beef, sautéed pork and Kung Pao chicken – the list of local favorites goes on.

Enjoy an authentic Japanese dining experience the Japanese way. Dine in the Tatami Room at Kitayama. Sit on tatami mats, sip sake and eat delicious sushi from low traditional tables. Three other undeniable favorites are Zen Sushi, Bluefin and Newport Fusion Sushi.

Explore our list of top sushi restaurants in Newport Beach.

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