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Crisis Social Media 101: please look below for a quick list of tips of things to do or not post during a crisis on your business social media accounts.

Social Media Crisis Strategy Recommendations: 

  • Draft appropriate social media post and caption with link to Visit Newport Beach’s regional coalition website link at Orange County Coastal Oil Spill Microsite to learn more:
    • Sample caption post to tailor: 
    • As a part of a coastal community that greatly values its ecological assets, <insert your business name here> is devastated about the recent oil spill impacting our beaches and wetlands. We thank the U.S. Coast Guard, County of Orange and City of Newport Beach teams and all those working to repair, heal and safeguard our marine environments. Please visit XX to learn more. 
  • Carefully review all photos and posts before they go live. Look for any possible negative double-meaning or inadvertent references to the oil spill, its environmental impact and impact on animals and wildlife. When in doubt, don’t post it.
  • If you feel it is more appropriate to not post on the current crisis, we recommend holding all social posts/remaining dark and re-assessing daily 
  • Review current or upcoming social posts and adjust as needed to ensure posts are relevant in messaging and tone of the current crisis and situation 
  • Revisit the paid strategy; ensure the content, messaging and target audiences are fitting given the current climate
  • Closely manage and direct any comments or messages to appropriate point of contact who is best suited to deliver the crisis messaging.
  • If at all possible, remove ability for viewers to comment altogether, if the situation becomes controversial or divisive.
  • Should a social post receive any irrelevant and grossly inappropriate/inflammatory responses, those can/should be hidden from the public post.
  • If your business’ hours of operation, services offered or closure affects residents or visitors, this is great information to post or link to on your social media channels.

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