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On Trend Tips for Inspired Holiday Home Decor

December 10, 2019
  • Holiday Home Decor in Newport Beach
  • Holiday Home Decor in Newport Beach

There’s a certain child-like joy that comes from decorating for the season. But even though we know palm imagery has been having a moment all year, what’s in vogue when it comes to holiday home decor? Are the days of traffic-light green and red behind us? Here, we talked to the team behind Roger’s Gardens—creative director Eric Cortina and head merchant Hedda Staines—on the trends to adopt this year, plus some inspiring home decor tips.

Look at what you already have.

Don’t neglect your stash of tried-and-true ornaments—but don’t feel pressured to throw all of them on your tree, either. “I think the very, very first step with the home refresh is thinking about the things that you have that you’re happy with and that you like, and also looking at the space that you have to work with,” Hedda said. “Think of that like a blank canvas. Then, think of what you want it to look like.”

Layer colors.

“Neutrals are extremely important, and it’s a great foundation for any Christmas decor,” Eric said. “Just keeping everything neutral—the black, white, wood tones, and on top of that, you can add red or green ornaments.” In addition to neutrals, certain Christmas colors never go out of style. Gold in particular, Hedda added, has been going through a resurgence this year. (But that’s not to say you should give silver the cold shoulder, which is bound to make a comeback soon).

Bring the outdoors in.

You don’t have to be a design aficionado to know that the Scandi aesthetic has taken over the world by storm. Aside from championing a more pared-back approach to decor, it also strives to connect the inside to the out. In terms of holiday decor, that means more greenery, birchwood, pine cones and natural elements. “It’s minimalist, but thoughtful,” Eric said, “and very warm, natural-looking and not overdone.”

Play with soft, twinkly lights.

Gone are the days when LED lights meant harsh, bluish tones. Now, LED technology has evolved to deliver that warm, golden glow (plus it’s long-lasting and energy-efficient). “And the great thing about them is that you can add that really subtle, fairy-like twinkle. I’m talking about those beautiful lights that have a very delicate effect,” Hedda said. “What I’ve seen is a lot of people buying a set of solid lights and layering in one band that has this twinkle to it.”

Get creative.

Don’t know what to do with all the Christmas cards you receive every year? Try hanging them. “The living room is a great place because you can create a graphic design with Christmas cards,” Eric said. “So people are putting them up on a wall in the shape of a Christmas tree, so that way they can actually enjoy them.” Love succulents? Scoop up a little succulent Christmas tree at Roger’s Gardens as a centerpiece for your coffee table, or pepper a few around the kitchen.

Experiment with quirky ornaments.

Bohemian Christmas elements (think: tassels galore, globally-inspired baubles, eclectic clip-on accents) can bring in an untraditional splash of color to your home. Not to mention, uber-trendy ornaments like flamingos and popsicles can also jazz up a tree and make a statement. “I also think that it’s easy for Christmas decor to sometimes be a little too serious,” Hedda added. “And I think that having a little bit of humor involved, whether it’s a little gnome ornament, or the flamingos, or some of the more unusual pieces, it adds a little more personality.”

Written By: Mariam Makatsaria

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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