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Corporate Team Building Activities Deliver Big Perks

March 15, 2016

The car is an amazing feat and testament to man’s genius capabilities. Karl Benz, creator of the world’s first gasoline fueled car, revolutionized the world we live in today by taking a great idea and making it better. All of his work however, would be meaningless had he not figured out how to master the perfect harmony of all those various car parts. The battery, the pistons, the alternator, the gears, the ignition switch, and every other seemingly minute piece of machinery comes together to work in a perfectly synchronized fashion in order to create a vehicle that simplifies everyday tasks and helps expand the economy. Motorized vehicles are imperative, yet taken for granted simply because we don’t think about the important minuscule tasks that go on underneath the hood. When you think about it, the inner workings of a company – any company – is similar. While we may realize just how essential business is to our economy and how crucial our position is to us, we rarely consider the importance of maintaining and fine tuning the significant parts of the business engine; its employees. In order to make our vehicle, or business in this case, run more efficiently, we must make certain all components work in harmony to deliver optimum results. So how can we enhance interpersonal relationships and achieve peak performance within the company? The answer: corporate team building! While the idea of team bonding to unite employees is not new, relatively few companies tap into its benefits, completely overlooking the fact that corporate team building activities can deliver big perks.

Corporate team building fosters critical thinking and team unity

Mention team building and you’re sure to be met with a few sighs; some groans and maybe a chuckle or two. Let’s face it; most of us immediately conjure up images of icebreaker moments at summer camp or a three-legged relay race. But in reality there are numerous team building options and even the simple ones deliver huge results for businesses of all sizes. Activities can range from fun small tasks like “two truths and a lie” where each person creates three statements, two being true, one being a lie, with coworkers guessing which statement is the lie, perfectly designed to build trust amongst employees. Or larger team building tasks such as the egg drop contest which breaks coworkers into various groups and requires them to design an egg package that can withstand the fall without breaking, thus highlighting the leadership and critical thinking skills of participants. Team building activities that incorporate a CSR component serve double duty. According to Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, “Shared value is not [just] social responsibility…but a new way to achieve economic success.” Companies that focus on team building activities with a socially responsible or sustainable slant appeal to the emotional connectivity within an organization elevating the sense of gratitude, pride, accomplishment and goodwill employees have towards their company.

Most of us are familiar with the build-a-bike team building program in which teams compete in a variety of challenges to earn parts of a bike that then they build together and donate to a local charity. While this is a great CSR team building exercise, the challenge for many companies and team building organizations alike has been delivering a unique experience, while incorporating both team building and CSR. The team at Visit Newport Beach found a creative way to address this challenge by adding a few twists to a group activity. The team created a scavenger hunt on the harbor, which led boats to dock and dine options where they would then site the restaurants and pick up non-perishable food items. All boats arrived at a final restaurant where the scavenger hunt winners were announced, the food items packaged and presented to a local shelter. Not only did the Visit Newport Beach team offer a unique way to see the area and the group dining options, but they also incorporated a fun team building activity and a CSR component in just one afternoon.

So what are the benefits of corporate team building activities?
Businesses all over the world aren’t adapting these activities just for the pure fun of it, they’re integrating these activities into their business lives in order to reap the benefits these activities have proven to generate.
First and foremost, team building exercises, like the aforementioned icebreaker for example, is one of the great ways employees at all levels of the company are able to break down the hierarchy barrier and just get to know one another on a personal level. When coworkers feel more comfortable with one another, the lines of communication become much more open and useful for the business overall. The personal bonds and genuine friendships made between employees throughout the process are likely to carry over to the workplace, creating a much more relaxed, productive, and cohesive workspace.

Problem solving exercises, and activities similar to the egg drop contest are great for businesses as well, because they encourage employees to sharpen mental agility by thinking outside the box. Likewise, taking staff outside the workplace to an unfamiliar setting requires them to hone their skills in order to complete the task at hand. These activities have the power to stimulate the creativity that often gets pushed aside or sits dormant simply due to increasing demands and heavy workloads. Furthermore, during these team building exercises, current positions or company hierarchy becomes irrelevant. The team has one goal, by breaking down barriers and working together to achieve that goal, team members must rely on each other’s talent. The result is a group that is able to work more efficiently as a whole when back in the office.

Lessons learned from corporate team building activities are translated into valuable tools that can be implemented immediately and regularly to boost overall company performance. Connected teams are productive teams and will automatically deliver positive contributions to the work environment.

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