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Create a Company Culture that Thrives

October 28, 2015

In order for a company to grow successfully, it must integrate a strong and thriving company culture. Companies that have developed a keen sense of corporate culture have been proven to have an increasingly productive workplace and higher level of success than those without a clearly defined culture. This is due to the fact that there tends to be less stress and tension among both employees and management in organizations who have taken the time to outline their core values. Companies that have integrated a sense of company culture can significantly decrease the turnover rate of its employees simply because both employees and management develop a symbiotic connection with their company’s corporate identity. A company’s culture in turn begins to define a brand and ultimately a company image. Companies such as Disney, Zappos, Virgin Airlines, Facebook, and Google are prime examples of company culture giving rise to brand and image. Why is a defined company culture important to your organization? First, it sets the stage for your brand and image, which is a huge component of marketing as it supports sales. Second, it can make a clear statement as to your company’s collective personality Are you a company others would want to work for/with? Does your company have a reputation of success, fun and enjoyment? These two points are important as they can have a tremendous impact on your company’s success in the marketplace.

4 Tips to Develop a Thriving Corporate Culture

1. Align Corporate Culture with Core Values
In order for your corporate culture to envelope your company’s identity, infusing your core values is extremely important. Is your company a work hard, play hard company? Do you push more towards a laid back environment where employees set their own hours and create their own goals? Do you believe in setting quotas for each employee and reward them for attaining those quotas? It is imperative for company culture to define corporate entities. A company culture should reflect the principles and personality you want to share with your market.

2. Open Communication
Open, honest communication is a fundamental element to a strong company culture. Employees who know they can voice their opinion (respectfully) and have it heard without fear understand that they are indeed a valuable contributor to the overall success of the organization. Open communication builds camaraderie, pride in performance and a collaborative effort towards the company’s common goals. Plus, as the adage states, teamwork makes the dream work.

3. Incorporate Fun
A company that incorporates elements of fun, down time, corporate outings or even teambuilding activities will go a long way to increasing productivity within the workplace. For example, Google provides bikes for casual strolls during breaks, basketball courts for quick workouts, as many as 25 free restaurants on site for lunch, and sleep pods just in case that 3 o’clock lull hits. Certainly most companies will not have the ability to provide free meals or sleeping stations, they can however incorporate fun company outings, wine tastings, office games or happy hour gatherings to help strengthen relationships and foster team spirit.

4. Evolving Culture Through Teamwork
Company culture is in constant need of parenting in order keep building momentum and unity. It is through the collective efforts of all members within a company that the demeanor, brand and culture of a company can truly shine. Through teamwork, an organizations core values will continue to excel and permeate all areas the company and its employees reach. A strong sense of culture is simply just good business sense.

A clear company culture is key to building and retaining a successful team. What does your company’s culture look like? What is its reputation in the marketplace? A company with a thriving culture creates a sense of success that rubs off on others. It’s no secret that success breeds success. Is your company projecting that image to the world? Are you projecting that image to the world? One such company that has a clearly defined company culture is Visit Newport Beach. This is an organization that empathically states, “we a thriving, fun and relaxed environment both in the office and in our destination.” That sentiment is carried through all aspects of the brand and its people and touches all who come in contact with it. Spend a bit of time with Visit Newport Beach and you’ll have a sense of the ease, pleasure and comfort that permeates this destination.

Written by Visit Newport Beach Meetings

As a not-for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), Visit Newport Beach provides destination expertise, customized site visits, strong partnerships and resources tailored specifically to the needs of meeting planners and their clients.

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