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August 11, 2016

Newport Beach, CA provides groups with a wide range of experiences. Its relaxing coastline stretches ten miles in front of the sparkling waters of the Pacific. Bluff top hiking trails and a protected natural estuary, combine with the largest pleasure craft harbor in the United States and comfortably chic coastal resorts to present a destination filled with beauty, luxury and just plain fun. With so much to offer, why would anyone consider holding a group meeting anywhere else? That’s easy – they’ve either been here before or they just aren’t aware of everything this coastal community has to offer. So, let’s address both topics.

Groups who have previously visited Newport Beach, CA

For groups that have been here before, we invite you back. Newport Beach is filled with such diverse offerings that it’s impossible to experience the richness of the destination in one visit. Let’s delve a bit further into the topic of experience, after all that is the ultimate goal you want to achieve for your group; a fantastic experience they could not have enjoyed anywhere else.

While Newport Beach, CA is, in and of itself a great destination, capturing the vibe of the area and weaving it throughout a program will elevate a group’s overall experience. An effective way to do this is to appeal to the senses, specifically all five senses. Basically, the more senses that are touched, the greater the experience will be. A beautiful location will set the stage for a memorable program, add events and activities that grasp the essence of the area and you’ll create a sense of unity amongst attendees that will not long be forgotten. Researchers tell us that all learning takes place through our senses. Since humans have five senses then it stands to reason that incorporating all five senses would heighten an experience.

How does this play out in a destination like Newport Beach? Glad you asked! Rather than holding a lunch presentation in a ballroom and saving a private yacht charter for evening, why not reverse the event. Breakout of the boardroom and hold the meeting onboard the yacht. In fact, take things up a notch and really touch all five senses by taking that yacht to Catalina, it takes about 3 ½ to 4 hours to make the crossing on a private charter. Start with breakfast on the top deck surrounded by fresh sea air and warm sunshine. Then move to a lower deck for the business portion. Once you arrive in Catalina, give your attendees a thrilling Southern California experience by taking them ziplining, or bring out the water toys for kayaking, jet skiing or paddleboarding. For a relaxing treat, set up private massages right on the beach. After a few hours of fun on the island, board the yacht for a return cocktail and dinner cruise. You can even up the experience and channel Newport Beach’s iconic past by adding casino tables. It’s well known that John Wayne and his Rat Pack buddies spent a bit of time cruising the coast of Newport Beach while gambling on the actor’s yacht, Wild Goose. You’ll be reaching all five senses, incorporating the pure vibe of the destination and elevating attendee experience simply by making a few twists to an otherwise already great program.

That’s just one of the offerings available in the area, there are plenty more, including, a private dinner right on the beach where the 1980’s classic “Beaches” was filmed. Or perhaps your group would prefer a toes in the sand bayside beach party which can easily transition from a day filled with water and land based activities, to a casual beach dinner complete with fireside s’mores. Up the experience by incorporating elements that are representative of the area. For example, on any given day in Newport Beach you’ll find watercolor artists capturing the beauty of the area. Why not add a few artisans to your event or offer a watercolor lesson, in which guests participate in finishing an artist’s painting. Once completed, the piece can be taken back to display in the company’s office, a memorable gift of the group’s time on Newport Beach, CA. Or perhaps you can offer cooking classes or chef demonstrations from one of Newport Beach’s acclaimed restaurants.

Groups yet to visit to Newport Beach, CA

For those groups who have yet to enjoy this fabulous area, there are several reasons to book your next meeting in Newport Beach, CA. Here’s a quick sampling:

  • Ten miles of coastline
  • Easy airport access
  • Seven hotel properties, including two luxury boutique properties
  • Acclaimed dining, shopping and golfing (many within walking distance from hotel properties)
  • A wide range of water and land activities
  • An active harbor

Locating a destination that has all the offerings to deliver an impressive meeting experience will certainly put your mind at ease but it’s only half of the selection process. The other half is finding the best fit for your group and determining the experiences that will create a memorable program. Who better to assist than your local DMO! Visit Newport Beach, the DMO for Newport Beach, CA opens the doors to this iconic destination with the knowledge and resources that will simplify the planning process and offers incentives to extend the meeting budget.

Written by Visit Newport Beach Meetings

As a not-for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), Visit Newport Beach provides destination expertise, customized site visits, strong partnerships and resources tailored specifically to the needs of meeting planners and their clients.

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