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Get Creative with your Event Food & Beverage

December 20, 2018

The best events leave attendee’s with lasting impressions, creating a well-rounded and positive experience. There are several key components, such as exceptional speakers, unique activities and lively decor that can tie together an exceptional program, leading to memorable experiences and successful programs. One easy way to generate this buzz is through food! Here are five ideas sure to grasp your attendees’ attention through their appetites:

Five ways to get creative with your event food and beverage

Mini Food

Something about bite-sized versions of regular food, make people go crazy (in the best way). They are also the easiest way to get your attendees fed, without having a formal sit down meal. Tacos? How about a mini taco station? Burgers? Serve up some small sliders. Consider a flat bread station and take it a step further with a build it yourself flat bread.  Small bites may not only be more appealing to your attendees, but they can provide a more upscale experience.

Food Trucks

The food trucks craze still stands, and with the recent rise of companies offering creative culinary options, rightfully so. The majority of food truck hiring must be done through obtaining permits, but don’t let this prevent you from using this option. Food trucks provide a great atmosphere and an efficient way to feed attendees, especially at large events.

Highlight creativity with interactive food and beverage


The never ending trend that is “do it yourself”, is the perfect way to engage your attendees and allow them to customize and cater to their own taste. For example, spicing up a brunch with a DIY Bloody Mary bar, a DIY flatbread station or getting things popping for movie lovers and a group movie night event and an ‘all the fixins’ popcorn station. Not only will this get your attendees talking about their own creations, it also allows them to have exactly what they what – leaving them ultimately satisfied!

Donut Wall

A simple and amusing way to elevate your dessert table is with a donut wall. While many caterers can provide a donut dessert wall, you may want to consider getting your group involved by making this a DIY station. You can easily order a donut holder online. Then create your display by sticking an array of colorful donuts on the wall, providing your guests with the perfect backdrop for countless pictures and fun! The best part about the donut wall is giving your attendees the gift of taking some sweets home with them at the end of the event!

Food on Display

You’ve probably seen them pop up in your social media feeds, those posts that detail every meal someone eats on social media, usually sharing an average cuisine at best. Not often do you see the pictures or videos of people actually taking part in creating the dishes themselves. Allow your attendees to blow up their social feeds with interactive food stations. Not only will this get your guests excited to have fun with their food, but it will provide free recordings of the event highlighting the food and beverage and showcasing pictures that will make others jealous!

Use these fun, interactive and creative food ideas for your next event! Not only will you entertain and feed your guests, but you’ll also create a tasty impression sure to last long after your event is over!

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