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How to Market to the Millennial Mind

April 25, 2016

Charles Day an executive coach to some of the world’s most renowned leaders and founder of the leadership development agency, The Lookinglass states, “The Millennial Generation has arrived. 60% of the workforce are millennials. They are not motivated by money. They want to make a difference”. This group of socially conscious, ambitious, and creative individuals are now in the workforce, and changing things in a huge way. According to Day, their purchasing power has increased ten fold over the last few years, making them a dominant presence in many industries, particularly the hospitality industry. These young and dynamic individuals are known for are their inquisitive minds. They ask questions, a lot of questions. They do their research and they’ll put you to the test. They’ll want complete details on the best options for their groups, price points, logistics, wiggle room (oh, they’ll find it) because they will comparison shop, and they’ll do it quickly, which is why it is so important to learn how to market to the millennial mind.

Get With the Times

Gen Y, the millennial generation, is the most tech savvy group of individuals in the workforce right now. Because they’re always multi tasking, having conversations, working, and continuing to seamlessly run their lives through their smart phones, and apps, it’s crucial for companies hoping to tap into this market to get with the times and go digital!

As a business, you want these fast-paced individuals to be able to access your website from anywhere, on any device. Make sure your website is responsive, loading quickly and smoothly on mobile phones. This generation is largely visual, which means that you’ll want your webpage aesthetically appealing, sleek and uncluttered with plenty of images showcasing your various event spaces.

Cut to the Chase

Because millennials are so fast paced and expect rapid results, it’s extremely important for your business to be organized in order to deliver those results on demand. For example, rather than paragraphs chock full of descriptive language about your destination, properties or venues, think in terms of bullet points and just the facts. Highlight pertinent information, otherwise the millennial mind may bypass you altogether!

  • Event Space
  • Location
  • Max Capacity
  • Fees

Know Your Numbers

This generation knows its way around a computer. Anything they possibly want to know is just a few clicks away. That being said, as a business, you must recognize that these individuals have done their research and it’s your job to do some research as well. Translation: transparent pricing is a must. They’re fast and they shop, they know how to quickly do price comparisons and they’re adept at negotiating. Be ready!

Be Humble

The millennial generation is social. They’re hypersensitive to advertisements and have a keen sense for understanding how businesses market themselves. According to the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American think tank, 59% of millennials use social media to find information on people and events, and as many as 88% of millennials turn to Instagram and Facebook for their news. Testimonials speak volumes to this group and are a huge selling point. Tap into this generation’s buying power by creating a great web presence on LinkedIn, Yelp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and fill these accounts with your best testimonials.

Mix Business With Pleasure

Take chances, keep up to date with the changing times, and build your brand to speak to these creative and quick business minds. The more you learn how to market to the millennial generation the more your business will reap the rewards!

A destination that seems to be a perfect fit for this generation is Newport Beach, CA. With several eco-friendly properties, plenty of farm-to-table fare, and an abundance of outdoor activities, Newport Beach appears to speak Millennial. When looking to plan a meeting in this coastal village, turn to Visit Newport Beach, the local DMO. As a destination partner, Visit Newport Beach has the expertise that can streamline the meeting planning process and offers meeting planner incentives and resources to extend the meeting budget.

Written by Visit Newport Beach Meetings

As a not-for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), Visit Newport Beach provides destination expertise, customized site visits, strong partnerships and resources tailored specifically to the needs of meeting planners and their clients.

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