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Ideal Group Activities in Newport Beach CA

May 17, 2016

Henry Ford once said, “coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. Ford clearly understood the amount of effort and time required to have a team or group of any size collaborate effectively. The success of huge corporations, clubs, organizations, small businesses, and sports teams alike depends largely upon their ability to achieve harmonious collaboration between all members. Learning to work together under a united front is not only important to the overall morale of a company but to the cooperative and creative process necessary to achieve results. Many companies understand the benefits of bringing a group together for an effective team bonding experience, yet designing and planning group activities everyone can get excited about can prove to be a bit challenging. Not only is it difficult to choose something that will appeal to the entire group, but it’s also taxing and time consuming. Rather than relying on indoor group activities, games, and icebreakers to promote collaboration, try thinking outside the box (or outside the office in this case) and watch your company get excited about group activities! Outdoor activities naturally facilitate positive emotions and reduce stress, creating the perfect environment for team bonding. Groups located near or heading to Southern California are in luck, as Newport Beach, CA has a seemingly endless array of group activities ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Water based group activities

Newport Beach is home to the largest recreational harbor in the United States, so naturally interest in water-based activities is inevitable.

Harbor-&-Ocean-ViewPicture your group or colleagues aboard a sailboat, working together both mentally and physically, in one of the most beautiful places on the west coast. Not only are you fostering team bonding by requiring the group to work together to accomplish a common goal, but there is no doubt your group will be enjoying every minute of the wind whipping through the sails as they coast through clear, blue Pacific waters on a sunny day. With a sizeable number of sailing companies in Newport Beach, sailing is easily accessible. Planning a group sailing excursion (even at the last minute) is rather effortless and provides you with a great way to see the stunningly beautiful Newport Harbor while learning to bond and work together as a team.

Other active ways to catch a glimpse of the extravagant waterfront homes, restaurants, and yachts located in the harbor is with kayaks or paddleboards. As a team, you can paddle around the expansive harbor and its natural estuary simply taking in the beauty of the area. More adventurous groups may choose to utilize kayaks or paddleboards for team bonding exercises such as racing or navigating obstacle courses. Friendly rivalry is beneficial for teams and colleagues alike because it can elevate one’s personal drive to produce greater results, thus benefiting the entire group.

Surfing can also be a valuable group activity for companies because it has been proven to reduce stress levels and increase endorphins making for happier, more clear minded individuals. According to a report on the Better Health Channel, surfing encourages overall health, happiness and a sense of personal accomplishment. Although surfing would seem to be an individual activity, when a group comes together to learn the basics of surfing it quickly fosters collaboration as individuals help each other learn how to master the art of balancing! Surfing also has the ability to spark competition amongst groups particularly when done as a team bonding activity. In other words, who, or which group(s) can stand up on the board(s) first.

IMG_0027Have a group that’s not as interested in physical activity? No worries, Newport Beach offers plenty of outdoor opportunities for those less active souls. For example, if you want to be on the water but sailing, paddling, or surfing isn’t quite your thing you may want to try boating. There are several yacht companies that will take your group out for day trips, adding a luxurious twist to your team bonding or group activity. You can also hop aboard the unique, electric and eco-friendly Duffy boats. These comfortably sleek boats glide quietly through the harbor providing a perfect outing for groups. A popular group activity on Duffy’s is a scavenger hunt on the water, which is a great way to visit the many landmarks lining the harbor. With a Duffy your group can easily get out on the water to enjoy a sunset cocktail cruise and hop from one location to the next, docking at different restaurants for a progressive, on-the-water dining experience.

Land-based group activities

Although Newport Beach is highly revered for its coastal beauty and water activities, the land-based activities that this charming city has to offer are completely undervalued.

crystalcovehikeIf you’re not a Newport Beach local you might never assume that this picturesque beach city doubles as a premiere hiking destination, but it does! Newport Beach is home to Crystal Cove State Park where the El Moro Canyon hike is located. This lush canyon is laced with over 17 miles of hiking trails that range in difficulty making it a desirable hiking destination for beginners as well as experienced hikers. These trails weave throughout the beautiful, mountainous El Moro Canyon and reveal spectacular ocean views from the high points of the hike making for an unforgettable hiking experience. This area is popular for all physical levels and another outdoor group activity that has the ability to boost creativity and happiness.

pedegobikes2-slideshow-700x400-2If hiking isn’t your groups’ thing then what about biking? El Moro Canyon is ideal for mountain biking excursions, but if your group prefers a more relaxed biking experience then a cruise along the coast or around Newport’s Upper Back Bay estuary may be right up your alley. For a twist on traditional biking, try cruising the area on the wildly popular Pedegos. These electric bikes offer a leisurely way to visit the eclectic communities of Newport Beach.

Like Henry Ford said, “working together is success”, and what better way to get your group working together than by organizing a refreshingly fun group activity. All of the outdoor group activities in Newport Beach CA, from sailing to hiking, are fantastic way to see the inherent beauty of the destination as well as a pleasant way to elevate your groups productivity. Need suggestions determining the ideal group activity for your next outing? Turn to Visit Newport Beach, the local DMO for Newport Beach, CA. As a destination partner, Visit Newport Beach has the knowledge and expertise that can streamline the meeting planning process.

Written by Visit Newport Beach Meetings

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