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Outdoor Meetings Show Big Perks

October 20, 2016

Looking for a fresh approach to your next corporate meeting? Consider taking it outdoors. Studies show that fresh air, sunshine and blue skies release endorphins that reduce stress, heighten the imagination and boost creativity. In fact, research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that being outside stimulates innovation and increases concentration skills. A study between children with ADHD who played outdoors versus those who played indoors showed that the children who spent time outside had a greater ability to focus on the tasks at hand. Good news for those of us with some, shall we say, concentration issues?

Any one of those reasons alone makes a good case for venturing outside, but if you need more, read on:

Relaxed Productivity
Holding a meeting outdoors immediately sets the tone for a much more casual environment. Stanford released a study stating that, a relaxed atmosphere often inspires teamwork and creative brainstorming. Fresh settings can turbo charge the imagination, which becomes a natural internal motivator.

Improved collaboration
We already know a change of environment can help foster interaction but surrounding your group with nature can shift their focus from cell phones, screens and notepads, thus leading to social interaction. An interactive group is a creative group.

Alert, inspired, attentive
You know that 3 pm after lunch meeting food coma? Eyes are droopy, head is heavy, and try as you might, you just can’t stifle that yawn. We’ve all experienced the after lunch mid-meeting sleepiness. It doesn’t help that the air conditioning provides the perfect white noise seeming to lull us to sleep. The best way to get your mind back in the game: step outside. We know fresh air stimulates our mind, body and soul. So, keep your group in the game and avoid mid-meeting drowsiness by holding your meeting outside.

Ditch traditional fare
Incorporate lunch into the outside experience by doing something a bit different. Rather than traditional catering, try pulling up a food truck, opt for a hearty barbecue, or spread some blankets for a good old fashion picnic. Is your meeting continuing into the evening? Try gathering your group around a fire pit for the classic and crowd favorite, s’mores.

Set the stage for the day with a team challenge or bonding activity that stimulates the mind and strengthens the body. A yoga session on the beach or on a private yacht will both relax and energize the group and start your meeting off on a high note! Need to rev up the engines after lunch – try something physical, perhaps an obstacle course or a series of relay races, even a mini sandcastle building contest can get your group fired up, united and ready for the second half of the day. Team building options expand when you break free from the confines of indoor meeting space.

With all those benefits, you’d be crazy not to hold at least a portion of your program outside. Now you just need a year-round destination with plenty of sunshine and outdoor locations, fortunately we have just the place, Newport Beach, CA. Situated along the Pacific coast, mid-way between Los Angeles and San Diego, Newport Beach has mild temperatures, an active harbor, and several well-known hotel brands along with upscale boutique properties.

When you’re ready to experience the perks of fresh air meetings, contact the team at Visit Newport Beach. With strong relationships, and destination knowledge, Visit Newport Beach opens the doors to this iconic destination, helping to find the best fit for your group, simplifying the planning process and offering resources to extend the meeting budget.

Written by Visit Newport Beach Meetings

As a not-for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), Visit Newport Beach provides destination expertise, customized site visits, strong partnerships and resources tailored specifically to the needs of meeting planners and their clients.

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