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Wearable Smart Badges to Boost Event Engagement

March 14, 2019

In our rapidly changing society, what’s in today may be out tomorrow. This is especially true as it relates to technology. You know that new phone you just purchased, it may be outdated as early as next month!  In fact, the majority of the growth in our society is attributed to technological advances happening each day. In the event world, you may have recognized these advancements over the years with self check-in booths, activity apps, or with tablets used to collect survey data and streamline itinerary.  But, the latest, astounding, piece of technology comes unlike any before it; a wearable, effective means to further an attendees event-going experience during, and long after they leave the event!

3 exciting smart badges capture attendee information

Here’s a quick introduction to the latest and most useful, wearable event technology that can turn attendees’ name tags into powerful engagement tools.:


A beacon is integrated into attendees name tags, which is then used to track guest behavior in order to generate booth and session recommendations. While walking around an event, an attendee’s beacon will trigger various sensors, allowing the device to create a personalized set of data. Event organizers can later utilize this data to create opportunities specific to an attendee’s interests.

Key Features:

  • Tracks which sessions, booths and meetings attendees visit and for how long.
  • Provides attendees with suggested networking opportunities based on mutual interests.
  • Allows exhibitors to track data specific to their trade show booth.
  • Offers relevant content, specific to the attendees experience, through post-event follow-up links.


Created by Hubvents, SmartTrac notifies event exhibitors when a highly prospective guest has entered their booth. The smart badge tracks attendees movement in real time and stores the data in a behavior profile, individualized for each guest.

Key Features:

  • Alerts event exhibitors when highly-interest potential clients enter their booth.
  • Creates a profile for each attendee complete with a list of sessions and booths they visited and for how long.
  • Generates a report of analytical data for the event coordinator, which can be used to improve future events.

Loopd Badge

Said to be “the world’s first engagement sensor for events”, this smart badge is unique in its ability to virtually exchange information between attendees. The Loopd Badge harnesses the power of the cloud in order to effectively store digital business cards, contact information and promotional materials. A quick click of the button on the badge enables attendees to exchange information they’ve loaded in the cloud – instantly!

Key Features:

  • Instant sharing of attendee information.
  • Tracks attendee throughout event, clocking them in and out of sessions automatically.
  • Provides guest with a complete report of which sessions and booths they visited along with the names of attendees they exchanged information with.

Why are smart badges an important addition to your event?

All three of these smart badges have one thing in common; the the ability to track attendees throughout the event. Moving a step beyond a pre-event survey or check-in sheet, the smart badges are able to track the amount of time a guest stays in a specific breakout session or visits a booth. This information can be extremely useful for future marketing and event purposes, not only for event organizers but for individual companies. Trade show booths and sessions can be tailored with specific interests in mind enhancing the overall experience for organizers, participants and attendees.

Keeping up to date with the latest technology can prove extremely helpful when planning events, likewise tapping into the power of local resources when organizing destination event can also be quite beneficial. When you’re ready to begin planning your next group meeting, contact the staff at Visit Newport Beach, the destination marketing organization for Newport Beach, CA. Visit Newport Beach opens the doors to this Pacific paradise with destination expertise, customized site visits, strong partnerships and resources that ease the planning process.

Written by Visit Newport Beach Meetings

As a not-for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), Visit Newport Beach provides destination expertise, customized site visits, strong partnerships and resources tailored specifically to the needs of meeting planners and their clients.

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