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The Packing List

March 12, 2014

Whether your car is full of gas or your plane tickets are burning a hole in your inbox it’s time to get the heck out of dodge and down to Newport Beach.  Even if you’re only traveling a short distance, packing properly is the essential first step to having a great trip.  What should I pack, you ask?  Well I’m here to go over the basics as well as some commonly made mistakes and show you how to travel in style with the perfect luxury accessories from Hudson+Bleecker.

#1 – Nothing gets packed unless it goes with at least two other pieces! (Hint: this is also a great tip when buying clothes).  We all fall into the pattern of over packing with miss-matched items thinking that we’ll have some ah-ha moment and make a spectacular outfit.  Don’t do it, make a plan!  List all the places and events included in your travel itinerary and think of the clothes that will be perfect for them.


The H+B Wayfarer Garment Bag, designed for style and convenience, is guaranteed to keep your wardrobe wrinkle free and protected, so you can focus on more important things like enjoying your travels.

#2 – Commit to neutrals on at least one half of your body; save the other half for prints.  For instance pair a bohemian printed skirt with a white tank, or a striped Breton top with your favorite denim.  Remember that the color grey is the best working neutral for both day and night.


If you’re going neutral it’s always fun to add a pop of color to your bag. I love this H+B Atlas blue Jetsetter Tote, its modern and cool and just the right size for all your travel necessities.

#3 – Bring accessories.  One of the ways you can be stylish is by adding a statement necklace or a wrist full of bangles. They will certainly take up less space and will still allow you to create different looks.  Avoid bringing your expensive pieces; there’s no better vacation buzz kill than losing an expensive or sentimental item.

#4- This might be controversial for my shoe lovers (if you know me personally you might think I didn’t write this) but limit shoes to no more than two or three pairs.  Remember your outfits should have already been preselected, so there just is no need for the extra baggage.  A pair of comfortable sandals or even espadrilles would work well, and one dressier pair for evening is all you really need.


Try these H+B shoe bags, they’re perfect for packing your favorite shoes and double as an oversized travel cosmetic case or accessory holder.

Now, that you have a plan it’s time to pack, I suggest rolling, NOT folding.  You’ll find that you will have a lot more space and the items won’t shift around so easily. Make sure all toiletries are separated into plastic bags!  Shoes should be neatly wrapped in a shoe bag with jewelry tucked inside the toe.  You’re all set, have a great vacation!

Hudson+Bleecker products can be bought locally at Bardot Boutique or online at


Written by Visit Newport Beach

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