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Home Trends for fall from America’s Most Beautiful Home and Garden Center: Roger’s Gardens

September 23, 2013

Roger’s Gardens is the ultimate creative home and garden leader and serves as the mecca for those seeking imaginative ideas and exceptional products for outdoor and indoor living.
Roger’s Gardens is known for their incomparable over-the-top seasonal displays, seminars from experts, an amazing art gallery and gorgeous floral studio. Roger’s Garden is a Newport Beach institution on all things beautiful for your home and garden.

With this, who better to ask about what is the latest for fall home and garden trends than the amazing design team at Roger’s Gardens! They also talk about their famous Halloween gallery, what’s it’s like to visit the Gardens and more about their seminars! Here’s what they said:

1. What is on trend for fall?Roger's Garden

Warm organic and modern shapes that look vintage. Combining modern furniture pieces with antiques. For home décor we love the combination of copper, and other metallic shades mixed with chocolate brown and accents of cream. Mixing the moody browns and oranges with the lighter touches brings a look that is both timeless and modernist.

2. What tips do you have for Halloween decorating?

Nothing says Halloween more than Jack O’Lanterns on the front porch. We love a combination of carved pumpkins combined with an assortment of gourds. Complete the look with one of our pumpkin wreaths on the door.

Inside we like to decorate in vignettes, choosing a table centerpiece or a fireplace mantel as the focal point and building from there.
If you’re going for an elegant look, a gothic black dish filled with white pumpkins & gourds is simple, and still feels like Halloween.

3. What are the top 3 things every home needs for Halloween?

Every home needs:
1. One of our Haunted Memories – photos of long departed relatives with a twist.
2. A Halloween themed serving platter or dish is the only way to serve guests refreshments, whether they come from this world or the next.
3. And we can’t live without our friend the warty toad.

Roger's Garden4. Tell us about the famed Halloween Boutique?

This year our Halloween Boutique is a Night Gallery complete with installations and artwork from famed Halloween artists. We encourage our guests to wander down a central corridor and admire the one-of-a-kind pieces we have collected together before becoming lost in one of the four eerie art spaces.

The Witching Hour is a place where thunder rumbles and lightning flashes; where childhood nightmares of monsters and ghouls come to life.

Pay tribute to deceased loved ones as you continue your journey through our Day of the Dead installation. This pop art inspired room is filled with serving pieces and glittery décor perfect for welcoming family souls.

Beware the Mad Inventor’s laboratory. Linger in this beeping and flashing corner of the Night Gallery at your own risk.
Look no further than our Cabinet of Curiosities for that last ingredient for your latest spell. Search among the apothecary jars for treasures and surprises.Every nook and cranny of the Night Gallery overflows with creepy treasures that will delight the most devoted of Halloween’s faithful.

5. How long do you prepare for the Halloween boutique?

We start thinking about Halloween a year in advance, and we start our purchasing in January. It sounds early, but it gives us the opportunity to select the most unique and original merchandise and start formulating our ideas for themes.

Our talented team of visual merchandisers begin their preparations towards the end of July, working on custom built props and other top secret projects! 2 weeks before our opening we close the room to our guests, and it becomes a place of creative energy. Walls are built, spaces are painted, vignettes are created, and the final pieces come together.

This is one of our favorite Holiday’s at Roger’s Gardens, and that is evident in the originality and presentation of the display.

Roger's Garden 6. Tell us a little more about Roger’s Gardens? What does the customer experience when walking through the grounds?

Our customers love to visit Roger’s Gardens for multiple reasons. They come here to find unique and exclusive products, whether it be indoor or outdoor plants, gardening accessories, home furnishings and décor accents, collectibles, plein air paintings, gourmet foods, patio furniture, floral arrangements, living or silk arrangements or landscaping services.

As they walk through our Gallery, our customers become inspired in how to decorate their home and garden. A lot of customers come to Roger’s to escape the daily routine of life. It is their place of Zen; an oasis of beauty and nature. They come to clear their minds and do some retail therapy.

7. Roger’s Gardens is known to go all out during major holidays! Could
you tell our readers what they should expect during the holidays?

This year is Roger’s Gardens 50th Anniversary and our amazing Creative Director, Eric Cortina and talented Merchandising team have gone all out in creating a sense of celebration and entertaining for our Christmas Opening. Visit Roger’s Gardens as we embrace the holiday season and celebrate 50 years of magic.

Stroll through the Gallery, as we delight you with 20 themed trees decked with ornaments, garlands, wreaths and treasures collected from around the world. The front of the Gallery celebrates a contemporary American Christmas with the emphasis on entertaining.Roger's Garden

Bring friends and family together to celebrate the season over cocktails and canapés. Set your table with fine linens and exquisite centerpieces your guests will covet.

As you wander through the back of the Gallery, be inspired by a modern European Christmas. Imagine you are wandering through a Christmas Market where the romance of the holidays comes alive in grand tradition.

Discover unique crafts, including nutcrackers and wooden toys, sitting alongside trees adorned with hand- crafted ornaments to inspire thoughtful gift giving. It’s a blend of old world traditions and modern sentiment. Celebrate the holiday season at Roger’s Gardens.

8. What experts can you find at Roger’s Gardens?
Every member of our staff is an expert in the area they work in. Our staff members are not only experts, but they are incredibly passionate about that they do, which shows when speaking to our customers.

Most of our staff experts have been working with us for over 10 years. We are very lucky to have such an incredible, amazing and talented group of experts at Roger’s Gardens.

9. What classes and seminars do you offer?

Every weekend we have seminars, workshops or other events at our store. They range from topics related to gardening, seasonal tablescapes, floral arranging, cooking and nutrition, and art.

We have personal appearances of well-known gardening experts, collectible artisans, plein air artists and local chefs.

We have workshops on how to make terrariums, living walls, wreaths, hanging moss baskets, succulent planted pumpkins, miniature gardens and much more. Every year we add workshops, seminars and other events to keep our customers entertained and educated.

10. If you could tell our readers one last thing about Roger’s Gardens,
what would it be?

Roger’s Gardens mission is to bring beauty to people’s homes and gardens.

There is no other gardens center in California that sells such unique and exclusive products as Rogers’ Gardens. For 50 years, our incredible customers have brought us great joy and satisfaction. Thank you for your support and your smiles.

More About Roger’s Gardens:
Presented in a garden like setting, our Nursery offers one of the most extensive varieties of foliage and flowering plants found anywhere. A spectacular color palate of annuals, perennials, landscape plants, and garden foliage for both sun and shade are just a few of the things for which Roger’s Gardens is known. In the Nursery you will also find a premiere selection of our signature hanging baskets and outstanding color bowls. These two items played a large role in the evolution of Roger’s Gardens product line and continue to be a favorite choice of our guests. As you walk through the Nursery your eyes will be drawn to our exquisite Rose Garden. Here you will find the largest variety of roses in all of southern California, some of which are exclusive to Roger’s Gardens. Throughout the Nursery you will also find a selection of fountains, arbors and pottery from all around the world. 

In our Garden Rooms you will find breathtakingly beautiful indoor plants including a large variety of orchids, English Basket Gardens, our splendid designer silk arrangements, and fresh cut floral arrangement; all of which can be purchased as presented or custom created.

One of our other favored destinations is the Gallery. Here you will find 5,000 square feet showcasing our collection of fine antiques, home accents, and gift items, which include our delightful, fine quality candles, soaps and lotions. And no visit to the Gallery is complete without a tour through our vast and spectacular Collectibles area which features year-round holiday ornaments and keepsakes. A particularly magical time to visit Roger’s Gardens is during the Christmas season. This has become a family tradition for many of our guests. It is then that you will experience the most wondrous display of holiday creativity. Our presentations of custom decorated trees are of national renown. 

At Roger’s Gardens, no day would be complete without a visit to our Patio Shop. We feature the finest selection of patio furnishings available to enable you to create the perfect outdoor living area. We are pleased to offer several lines exclusive to Roger’s Gardens, as well as collections available by special order only. 

As ‘America’s Most Beautiful Home and Garden Center’, Roger’s Gardens has taken quiet pride in being the recipient of many awards including the AmeriChristmas award, the Los Angeles Arboretum award and recently named ‘America’s Most Influential Garden Center.’

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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