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Lido Boat Show

September 25, 2013

I’ve always been intrigued by boating — of course it’s guaranteed I get off to a rocky start unless I’ve taken Dramamine.

But I do admire being out on the open sea.

Bogie and Bacall Heck, just look at how relaxed Bogie and Bacall were aboard the Santana. Just one glance at those old photos and I’m dying to be him. Seriously, how cool does nautical Bogey look? I know most would rather be the Sam Spade or Rick Blaine version, but I’d prefer Newport Harbor Humphrey.

Touring Newport Harbor you can come across some of the sleekest looking yachts around. Most recently we’ve seen the mega yacht Invictus.

While we won’t find any the size of Rick Caruso’s ship, we will find some amazing vessels at Lido Marina Village. That’s where The Lido Boat show begins a four-day run September 26th.

The Lido Boat Show is not only the major Southern California boat show designed and produced specifically to draw customers of big boats and yachts, but the premier boat expo

Lido Boat Show

event in the west.

This is the 33rd year of the event, and it continues to grow because of the stunning boats that will be up for sale.

More than 250 big vessels will be on display and this is one show even beginning boating enthusiasts will want to attend.

The hours of operations are:

Thursday: noon-7pm
Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm

Admission for adults is $15, and kids 12 and under, free. Tickets can be purchased online by going to our website.

And if you’re out at the Lido Boat Show and you see a boat or yacht you like, share it with us through social media. On Twitter and Instagram use @newportbeach in your post and we will share what you liked with our followers.

One day I will advance beyond navigating the Duffy boat at more than 3 miles per hour. I want to feel that exhilarating rush and channel my inner-Commodore.

One day…

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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