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Welcome to Newport Beach Vacation Club

Congratulations and a most distinguished
welcome to the Newport Beach Vacation Club!

You now hold platinum-level status with a lifetime membership to the Newport Beach Vacation Club and hereby bestowed unfettered year-round entry into the meticulously manicured 52.92-square-mile grounds of Newport Beach, California! Your platinum level distinction gives full access to a plethora of amenities reserved exclusively for members of your esteemed caliber. These include resorts, pristine beaches, a majestic yacht harbor, spectacular shopping, exclusive activities, charming neighborhoods, signature events, and over 400 exceptional restaurants.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your membership officially activates upon stepping foot on the grounds. Thank you for understanding!

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Spanning across 52.92-square-miles of picturesque shoreline, this sanctuary boasts pristine beaches, a majestic harbor and world-renowned havens for shopping, dining, recreation or simply meander through the 10 distinctive neighborhoods found on the grounds. This sun-soaked retreat is nestled gracefully between the luminous metropolises of Los Angeles and San Diego.

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Unlock a world of perks and privileges with our exclusive offers curated just for you from our world-renowned hospitality and tourism partners across the grounds.

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Our grounds encompass a lavish selection of amenities including lavish accommodations, sun-kissed beaches, a splendid yacht harbor, shopping, thrilling excursions and experiences on land and water, and culinary adventures.


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Peruse the refined insights of our esteemed members as they share their experiences at the prestigious Newport Beach Vacation Club in this month's testimonials.
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Art Curator

"With stunning scenery and an undeniable coastal charm, the Newport Beach Vacation Club nurtures my imagination. Each rolling wave inspires my next masterpiece—it’s a haven where art finds its muse."

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Tech Entrepreneur

"The Newport Beach Vacation Club merges innovation with leisure. Just as my app connects hearts, this society connects souls to coastal allure—a digital nomad's dream!"

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Realtor, Philanthropist

"The Newport Beach Vacation Club epitomizes the opulence I'm accustomed to as a realtor. Every visit brings a sense of refined relaxation, and with five-star resorts and charming hotels, you can't go wrong with a Newport Beach getaway."

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"Within The Newport Beach Vacation Club's embrace, partisan concerns dissolve like sandcastles. Here is where I spend all of my PTO and put my pickleball skills to use."

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Athleisure Mogul

"Athleisure and recreation are my love language, and The NBVC is an ode to all kinds of outdoor pursuits. I love sporting my chicest ensemble on the tennis court as I practice my backhand, which isn't too shabby!"

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Charlotte & Margaret
Jet-Setting Socialites

"Among private jet jaunts around the world, the Newport Beach Vacation Club remains our cherished gem. Glamour gets a whole new meaning here, and there’s nowhere we’d rather touch down for the weekend."

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Cigar Tycoon

"If I could live here, I certainly would. Akin to a perfectly crafted cigar, the Newport Beach Vacation Club ignites relaxation and indulgence and, best of all, connects me with fellow leisurists."

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Plastic Surgeon

"My craft is rooted in beauty and aesthetics, and The Newport Beach Vacation Club is my sanctuary. The grounds are beautiful, and I love nothing more than soaking in one of Newport Beach's signature sunsets."

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Luxury Resort Magnate

"As a connoisseur of luxury escapes, the Newport Beach Vacation Club stands supreme. Its allure rivals all of my global ventures—the epitome of luxury transcending horizons. Oh, and nothing makes me happier than a poolside martini at VEA."

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Pro Golfer

"I've played a handful of championship golf courses throughout my career, but something always beckons me back to The Newport Beach Vacation Club. This club is a hole-in-one retreat—especially for someone who loves to tee off with a view."

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Membership No. 1906

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