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5 Ways to Renew Your Mind, Body and Soul This January

December 27, 2022

2023 is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking of those resolutions. Maybe it’s more exercise and less Netflix, or more cooking and less DoorDash—whatever your goals may be for the new year, we can all admit resolutions can be hard to keep. So before you set your sights on making it to the gym every day, we’ve put together a list of healthy habits you can adopt in 2023 that are worth keeping and will help get your health back on track. 

Get Your Steps In

Ten thousand steps a day may sound impossible, but you’ve got to start somewhere! Lace up your sneakers this January and take a stroll or bike ride around the beautiful Back Bay. There’s nothing a little fresh air and a bay view can’t fix. We love the Back Bay Loop, which is suitable for all skill levels. The terrain is relatively flat, and the trail boasts sweeping views of the Back Bay, which is sure to put some pep in your step.

Hydrate + Replenish

After a holiday season of indulging (and cocktailing), your body could likely use a little replenishing. Stop by The Hydration Room for a variety of vitamin IV therapies, which include a liter of balanced electrolyte fluid and a dose of vitamins and antioxidants that can be customized based on your needs. These IV drips can ease symptoms of dehydration, stress, fatigue, soreness and more. You’ll be feeling back to normal in no time.

Try a New Workout Class

When it comes to fitness, Newport Beach is home to several top-notch studios and classes, ranging from yoga and barre to pilates to cycling. Sign up for a few sessions at BE Fit Modern Pilates to tone and strengthen or get your sweat on with a heart-pumping spin class at SoulCycle. For a lower impact burn, Pure Barre, RA Yoga and Ekam Yoga & Pilates all offer classes led by instructors that are eager to help you reach your goals.

Opt for a Mocktail Instead

Feeling the effect of one too many cocktails during the holidays? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. It’s always a good idea to give your body (and liver) a rest, which is why many choose to participate in “dry January.” But whether you’re ready to break up with booze for 30 days or simply want to cut back, mocktails are always a good place to start! The next time you find yourself bar-side or out to eat, order your favorite cocktail without the liquor for a refreshing sip that won’t leave you hungover.

Fuel Your Body

Goodbye frosted cookies and pumpkin pie—we’ll miss you, but it’s time to start fueling up on good-for-you foods. Start your morning with a refreshing smoothie from Vibe Organic Kitchen & Juice, then get your greens in with a hearty bowl or salad from Newport Beach’s Cafe Gratitude or Flower Child. And when it comes to dinner out, True Food Kitchen is a must-visit for its rotating menu of fresh, seasonal eats. Try one of their salads, sandwiches or soups for a comforting yet healthy meal this January.

Written By: Kaylin Waizinger

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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