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Spin Class Roundup

January 16, 2015

A lifelong pastime continues to climb as one of the country’s top fitness trends —promising a route to better shape and health.

“The physical and mental benefits of cycling — indoor cycling, in this case — are many, says Newport Beach fitness pro Shannon Barbadian, who has focused on Pilates and Spinning in recent years. The co-owner of Corona del Mar’s Defy Gravity notes weight loss as one of the biggest benefits of the workout. “Evidence shows that just 45 minutes of cycling can burn as many as 500 to 700 calories,” she says. “This means that in only seven short sessions, you can shed those unwanted pounds in a very efficient way.” Additionally, cycling increases metabolic rate and muscle tone, and in the long term, bolsters the intensity of caloric burn. Check out the area’s local studios and start spinning your way to better health.

Defy Gravity
Sweat it all out on the bike, or try a hybrid of Spin and Pilates. This studio offers a class called The Split, which starts with 30 minutes of heart-revving, calorie-burning cardio on the bike (adjust your resistance with the easy twist of a knob and also monitor your caloric burn). A dimly lit room, lively pop music, and vibrant instructor will energize you into top-performance gear. A short water and towel break later (make sure you replenish fluids with lots of H2O before and during this class!), move into a cooler and more comfortable room complete with an ocean view—for the “lengthening and strengthening” Pilates portion. Providing both a reformer and adjustable EXO Chair, the class offers the opportunity to work all of your muscle groups through a series of intense exercises. Defy Gravity was the first studio in Orange County to offer this special chair: With strategically placed resistance springs, the nifty contraption allows you to strengthen your core and work muscles in new and different ways. The owners promise better posture and a lengthened and toned body with repeated use— but many first-timers claimed the feeling after just one class.

Defy Gravity Studio, 3100 E. Coast Hwy., Corona del Mar; 949-719-2900;

SoulCycle has added core work and hand weights to its signature ride to redefine the indoor cycling experience. A standard class features an instructor (“coach”), a pump-you-up playlist, and 45 minutes of feel-good muscle burning. Go the extra mile and 15 minutes to amp up the challenge. This studio’s 60-minute workout incorporates resistance bands (suspended from the ceiling) to further work your core and tone arms. Motivation seekers can join a community ride, and cheer and be cheered on. Serious cycling enthusiasts will enjoy the hardcore “Soul Challenge,” serving up 90 minutes of intense pedaling and pushing. Teen riders can bond with friends and fellow bikers in a new Soul Teen class, a modified signature ride tailored for young bodies (Must be 4’11 and 12 years old; parents are required to accompany anyone under 18 to sign up).

SoulCycle, 401 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach;

Studio Cycle CdM
This studio’s mission: “To inspire and motivate all who pass through the doors.” If you’re looking to hop on a bike, tune into the music and zone out while you work out, Studio Cycle is the place. Promising everything from a clean mind to a lean body, the studio’s many expert instructors guide you through an intense workout of your choice: a 45- or 55-minute full-body ride, a 45-minute full-body ride with handweights for strength training and toning, and a 75-minute technique workshop. The latter is for the avid rider who wants to tighten their form and perform better and faster. The studio offers something for riders of all fitness and experience levels; first-time cyclists get three classes for $15.

Studio Cycle CdM, 3711 E. Coast Hwy., Corona del Mar; 949-500-1233;

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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