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A Day in the Life of Wing Lam, Founder of Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

February 11, 2015
  • A Day in the Life of Wing Lam, Founder of Wahoo’s Fish Tacos
  • A Day in the Life of Wing Lam, Founder of Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

day in newport beachOwner of Wahoo’s Fish Tacos Wing Lam serves up his ideal day in Newport Beach.

For Wing and his wife, Kelly, an epic day in their hometown is a typical sunny Sunday. “This is when I am free from work,” says Wing.

6AM: I go surf at 36th Street, where I’m in the water by 6:30. I like to get out there early on the weekend before the crowd gets there — this way I can relax and have fun and not fight for any waves. There are about five other surfers when I paddle out, and 20 when I’m done a couple of hours later. If there’s no surf that morning, I’ll go for a standup paddle in the harbor instead.

8:30AM: Surfing is sort of relaxing for me, so I like to get in some cardio afterward at Curl Fitness — the treadmill, Elliptical, and the bike.

10AM: I pick up some organic smoothies from Sambazon — it’s like dessert for breakfast, but healthy! — and go home to wake up Kelly. We like to chill for a while and talk and plan our day.

11:30AM: We ride our bikes to the ferry and visit my parents on Balboa Island. Some days we’ll go cruise the boardwalk and visit places around the pier — so many great little places to chill. Or we’ll walk along the beach to the River Jetties and back. Sometimes, if Kelly’s feeling up to it — she’s in her second trimester — we’ll walk to The Wedge and check out what’s happening there.

2PM: We’ll have lunch at Sabatino’s (Sausage Company).

3PM: If we’re in the mood to shop, we’ll walk around Balboa or go to Fashion Island.  If I have time, I’ll surf in the afternoon too, if it’s clean and not too windy out there.

6PM: We often cook dinner for friends at our house, or go to theirs — no, I don’t cook anything at home from the Wahoo’s menu. I eat there up to five times a week, so I make big healthy salads at home with protein and homemade dressing. We prefer to go out though, especially to places that aren’t popular yet. If we’re up for more walking, we’ll go to The Porch on the Peninsula or The Crab Cooker. We also really like A Restaurant and Pizzeria Mozza and The Wine Gallery in CdM and True Food Kitchen. We spend a lot of nights meeting friends out for dinner. We like to mix it up.

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